CPAH Special Report: Rocky Waves on the Orient Seas as Multilogging Operation Comes Crashing Down

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Investigation’s Office – The Army of the Orient Seas, a relatively new face to the small-medium scene, made their impactful entry into the community just a month ago. But a recent CP Army Hub investigation reveals a much darker side; one involving multilogging within the leadership.

On Sunday, July 26th, the Army of the Orient Seas faced off against the Lime Green Army in the second round of the Beach Brawl tournament. Concerns of dual enlistment, which is against the tournament rules, was flagged to the administration following this conflict, and an investigation was launched. 

It was discovered that four of the people that logged on for the tournament battle were enlisted in another army. The most glaring case of dual enlistment was with an AOS Corporal, Bianx, who also serves as a third-in-command in the Redemption Force. Likewise, Army of CP moderator Fatchicken88 confessed to logging on under the alt penguin account ‘Templehd’. Elites member Galeas was also present, and was given a ‘Temporary Pass’ Discord role just hours before the battle occurred. Finally, Doritos fourth-in-command Louisa was present after being asked to attend by the army’s higher command.

Click on the gallery pictures below for full size.

Following the discovery of Fatchicken’s use of an alt account, the administration decided to enlist the help of CP Armies owner Flen to check if other similar activity occurred. This led to the discovery of multilogging within the army leadership. It is very important to note at this point that Flen is the only person that has access to the CP Armies IP addresses. He did not disclose them with any other person during the investigation. 

The results of the investigation are shown below.

  • Round One vs. Red Ravagers: Leader Intrinsic has the same login IP as Xychdelic and P4306, indicating multilogging. 
  • Round Two vs. Lime Green Army: Leader Intrinsic and user P2751 share the same login IP, indicating multilogging.

Round 1 vs. Red Ravagers

Round 2 vs. Lime Green Army

From here, the administration checked other events outside of the Beach Brawl tournament, and discovered further multilogging occurred. On July 13th, accounts Intrinsic and Xychdelic attended a training event. On July 29th, Intrinsic and account P2751 were present at another training event. Multilogging is present at almost every CP Armies event between these two dates.

July 13th training event

July 29th training event

The investigations also pulled up something else of interest. On July 28th, a single AOS event was marked as three by the leadership. An event was initially held on CP Rewritten, but a change to CP Armies occurred when they were kicked offline by moderators. On this same CP Armies server, they claimed to have hosted two events. They then proceeded to submit these “three events” in the Army Hub event results channel. Following the Doritos use of these tactics last week, a decision was made further exploitation of events would result in a Top Ten deduction.

The AOS event results submission.

We approached the Army of the Orient Seas leadership with this information. Intrinsics’ response was as follows:

3 accounts shared the same IPS with me because, first, I thought multilogging wont work as it was used from 3 different devices. Xychedelic on the first round against RR and P2751 on the second round against LGA are both my brother’s account. My brother forgot his password on Xychedelic, so he made a new one. P4306 is a newly created account by my friend when he was here at my house during the event, we were drinking, and made him join the event.

To conclude, the evidence above overwhelmingly suggests multilogging occurred, and the statement of defence provided is not enough to counter this. 

This has led us to the decision that the Army of the Orient Seas are to be disqualified from the Beach Brawl tournament. Alongside this, an appropriate Top Ten deduction will occur this Sunday. The round one battle against the Red Ravagers has been rendered void, and the Lime Green Army and Red Ravagers will battle this Saturday to determine who will partake in the semi-finals. 

We would politely like to remind the remaining armies that we are taking the tournament rules seriously and compliance is to ensure the fair nature of the event. We look forward to the upcoming semi-finals that will be taking place this weekend! As ever, the times and information, as well as the much-loved staff predictions, will be posted in the coming days.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


4 Responses

  1. Best comment by Max.


  2. This really saddened me though, AOS were doing so well, it’s a really nice army.


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  4. […] Just this week the Army of the Orient Seas made headline news after they were found multilogging during their Beach Brawl battles. […]


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