Army Of The Week: Water Vikings

ALASKA, CP Army Headquarters– In the fourth edition of Army Of The Week, we focus on a major army that has made a prominent hop in the Top Ten. The army who has earned the spotlight is none other than the legendary, Water Vikings for their notable jump from the 9th to the 5th of the Top Ten rankings.

The Water Vikings were created on December 28, 2010, by a merge from the Masked Vikings, drove by Jed Pen, and the Water Troops, led by Zak. Them two had little experience leading armies, yet they picked up help from the beginning by Bottlefanta and his army, the Ice Vikings. They were focusing on growth, and it came quickly. Their first event, the invasion of Parka, they were able to max a total of 10 Vikings. Be that as it may, they weren’t perceived until their Defense of Oyster, where they got 15+, disintegrating the Platinum Warriors. Following that, they kept on rising. Water Vikings’ first appearance was as the Number 3rd army in the SMAC Top Ten towards the beginning of January 2011. They just rose further from that point, gaining the sizes of 15-20.

One of the events led by the creators of Water Vikings.

In the wake of entering the Small/Medium Army Brawl, They confronted bigger armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation and Parkas, yet still figured out how to top around 20 Vikings at the finals and arriving at Number 1 Medium. In the span of the fight, the Tacos and WV allied called the Blue Taco Alliance as both of them wanted to get a major status. Be that as it may, a contention emitted during an invasion of Team Gold, where Zak and Mount Rainy proclaimed war on one another. Intently following the beginning of the WV-Taco War. After the WV-Taco war, generation 1 of the Water Vikings died.

The second generation was restored by Soccer and Zak, this generation was seen as one of their golden ages around then, in which the Vikings took off to 25-30 sizes. They reached the Major Top Ten, however before long started to crumble during a war with Underground Mafia Army. Both UMA and WV were brought down in sizes. The following couple of months were spent simply outside the Top Ten. Following Soccer’s retirement, WV changed its name to the Pirates. A third Generation was revived by Bepboy and Zak, in which WV once more achieved Major status, however, was not as large as the second generation. Later into the age, the long-term WV Leader Zak resigned, to concentrate on his career in Nachos. This age hit medium straight away, and was major at a certain point, as a result of this Tylund got legend status.

One of Water Vikings event led by Tylund

The Water Vikings are known for having one of their most famous generations in 2015. In the Champions Cup and the Legends Cup, they were finalists in both tournaments. .The Water Vikings are also known for having the “Biggest Rise Award” in 2015, from barely maxing 20, all the way to 50 in events.

Water Vikings in the Legends Cup Final maxing 80+

Following their huge increase in their maxes and various events conducted, it lifted them from ranking 9th to 5th in the recent edition of the Top Ten rankings.

The Vikings find themselves achieving the 5th spot in the recent Top Ten edition.

The CP Army Hub team was able to speak exclusively with the current leader of the Water Vikings, Cliff, with his thoughts on their recent performance.

Congratulations on reaching 5th in the recent edition of the Top Ten rankings. Do you think Water Vikings can keep up this position in the upcoming top ten editions?

It’ll be hard but we’ll try our best. We’re also going to have a good week this week so I think it’s achievable.

How has WV been handling the recent changes in leadership? Have things been running smoothly since the recent retirements of two of the most influential figures in WV, Buddy, and Kingfunks?

It’s been good. Me, Manu, and Change have been handling well. 2 extra helpers will come to temp lead WV soon as well. also we don’t need buddy :e9~3: nor funks

As you mentioned about two extra temporary leaders helping to lead the Water Vikings, does this mean the current leadership will face inactiveness?

Nah we’ll be more active. the 2 temp leaders (might be permanent) have lead WV before and are both in the greatest leaders section in WV.

It’s great to see the leadership’s determination and dedication put into the growth of Water Vikings, Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community?

WV ain’t need no mulitlogging buddy and funks :smiling_imp:,  WV built different than the rest :smiling_imp:

That concludes the fourth edition of the Army Of The Week! Water Vikings have shown outstanding performance since it’s revival into this new era of armies. The Vikings have no intention of stopping their assent, and the current leadership seems confident that the army will continue to reach new heights.

What do YOU think? Will the Water Vikings continue going upward? Or will they fall from glory? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!

We will be taking an indefinite break from this column, stay tuned for a new column next week written by our Associate Producer, AustinFraud.


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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