March Madness Announcement & August Sadness Grand Final Predictions

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — Although CPAH’s permission to finish the March Madness has been rescinded, we hope to provide the remaining two armies a fun alternative. With this in mind, which army will take home the August Sadness trophy?

Before we get into the predictions, a short message from Chief-Executive-Officer Pookie437:

After further discussion with former CPAL administrators, CPAH’s revival of the March Madness was deemed invalid. I’d like to apologize to the three armies involved for giving you a false hope and to the CPAL administrators for attempting to finish this tournament without proper permission. Although March Madness will stay unfinished for now, I hope both armies in the final have fun in what I consider to be a spiritual successor to March Madness, August Sadness. Best of luck to both armies!

Later today, the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors will go head-to-head in the grand finals of the August Sadness (click here for the times). Who will emerge the victors, and take home the highly coveted trophy? And who are the CP Army Hub staff and donators placing bets on?

Ice Warriors vs. Dark Warriors

The Ice Warrior vs. Dark Warrior final will pit the two allies against each other. The Ice Warriors recently placed second on the major Top Ten listings, three places above their opponent. The Ice Warriors were able to peak at an impressive 101 Warriors in the semi-final battle, so will they match of exceed this number later today? On the other hand, the Dark Warriors have had a busy week full of division battles. They managed to peak at an admirable 53 penguins in their ‘Four Nations Battle’ on Sunday. The last time these two allies battled, a Dark Warriors victory occurred. Could history be set to repeat itself? 

The staff and donator predictions appear to be very split, adding to the general feeling that this battle will be extremely close. While 9 out of the 15 predictions are in favour of the Ice Warriors, the other 6 agree on a Dark Warriors victory. One thing is for sure: both armies will be hungry for a victory, but only one will succeed.

The Ice Warriors vs. Doritos at the semi-finals.

The Dark Warriors recent Four Nations Battle.


Max, Executive Producer: Ice Warriors

Zamb, Executive Producer: Dark Warriors

Cassie, Vice President: Ice Warriors

Sarahah, Editor-in-Chief: Ice Warriors

Robot, Editor-in-Chief: Ice Warriors

AustinFraud, Associate Producer: Dark Warriors

PINK, Associate Producer: Ice Warriors

Scorpion Demon, Associate Producer: Dark Warriors

Sheo, Associate Producer: Ice Warriors

Crazzy, Army Hub Advisor: Ice Warriors

Jaime, Army Hub Donator: Ice Warriors

Oli, Army Hub Donator: Dark Warriors

Kaliee, Army Hub Donator: Ice Warriors

Ninja, Army Hub Donator: Dark Warriors

Frostty, Army Hub Donator: Dark Warriors

With the grand final battle taking place later today, there is no doubt this is going to be a huge happening in the army community. Who will take the trophy? And which of the staff got it right?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


2 Responses

  1. Good luck to both sides, we expect a wonderful battle!


  2. Best of luck 😀


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