Spotty Inducted Into Dark Warriors Leadership

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – The Dark Warriors have seen an exciting change in leadership, with leader-in-training Spotty being promoted to the rank of Dark Warriors Supreme Commander.

Earlier today, the Supreme Commander of the Dark Warriors, Noa, announced on the army Discord server that Spotty would lead alongside her. Noa described her as “extremely dedicated, cooperative, and a non-stop worker“.

The announcement of Spotty's promotion

Spotty began her army career in the summer of 2018 as she joined the Rebel Penguin Federation. In August 2018, she found herself among the member ranks of the Help Force and later became a staff member. She went on to lead the Help Force for just over a year, from January 2019 to February 2020. Spotty then took a short break until March, before coming back as an advisor for the Help Force. Towards the end of May, she joined the Dark Warriors as a second-in-command and has been active in the army ever since.

The Dark Warriors have enjoyed many successes as of late, placing second in the short-lived August Sadness tournament, and hosting their very own inter-army Avatar-themed series of branch battles. They placed fifth in the most recent major army listings, a point behind the fourth positioned Help Force. The addition of Spotty to the leadership will no doubt aid them, so could we see them climbing the rankings in the coming weeks? 

CP Army Hub were able to get an exclusive interview with Spotty herself and quizzed her on upcoming Dark Warrior plans.

How are you feeling about your promotion? Were you expecting it?

To be honest I was surprised, when I saw there was an announcement I never expected it to just be me getting promoted. We have 2 other LiTs and they’re both amazing people and they’re great to work with. I’m looking forward to helping contribute to the future of DW and to keep it the amazing army that it currently is.

That sounds amazing! Is there anything you wish to change or improve in the Dark Warriors as a leader?

At the current moment Dark Warriors is amazing how it is. It is such a friendly and warm community, its lovely. Last week I helped to bring in CPPS recruiting again to the army to help us increase the amount of CPPS players. There’s nothing currently I can think of, but of course I’ll help contribute ideas to help make Dark Warriors even more better than it already is.

That’s an awesome idea! Where do you see the Dark Warriors in the future?

Thank you! I see a bright future for Dark Warriors. Last week we held our first themed week, Avatar-themed, which went extremely well. As I’ve been out of the “CPO army community” since December I’ve learned how differently armies need to run here than in CPO. So with the experience I have, I can work alongside the amazing leaders and staff in Dark Warriors and help us to work our way back up the top ten.

The avatar week was an amazing idea! Thank you for your time, do you have anything else to add before we wrap up?

Thank you for taking your time to talk to me today! I’d say just that I’m looking forward to the future of this community, its currently in great hands and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for this community.
The Dark Warriors have wrapped up an exciting week, complete with a tournament final and leadership addition. We watch on excitedly to see what next will occur for them.
What do YOU think about the change in leadership? Let us know in the comments below!
CP Army Hub Reporter

2 Responses

  1. Go Spotty! Can’t wait for more adventures together, esp the ones with you as leader 😀


  2. AY YO!, Spotty got leader before me. This is not possible!


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