How They Began: Bid Now and the Pirates

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to How They Began! A weekly segment here at CP Army Hub that puts one army under the microscope, looking at their foundations and interviewing their creator. This week’s edition will take a look at the Pirates, which includes an interview with a Pirates Legend, Bucky.

The Pirates were first introduced to the community in Spring 2007 by a penguin named Bid Now. Since the beginning, the Pirates have been successful, as well as suffered some failures. Following their return on August 2nd, 2018, they won tournaments like the 2018 Christmas Chaos and even bagged the Biggest Army award in 2018. The Pirates shut down on June 16th, 2020. Why did this happen? Will the army return?


The Beginning

The Pirates was created by Bid Now in the Spring of 2007. At the time, Bid Now was already apart of the Ice Warriors and the Underground Mafia Army. After many months under the leadership of Bid Now, Hussam and Coolster, the army only got to a max of 15. After the Pirates defeated the Golds Empire in a war, Bid Now decided to ditch the Pirates to join the Golds instead. Hussam and Coolster did not like this. When Bid Now went to the Golds, he also defaced the Pirates website. This brought the first generation to an abrupt end and the army closed its doors. But, the army did return mid-2008. The army was not as powerful as it was, which resulted in the leadership losing hope in the army and Pirates shut once again. There were many failed attempts of the army’s rebirth over the next few years.

Pirates return in 2011

The Never-Ending Dark Age

The Pirates were not a strong army during their first seven years. The leaders never stayed for a long time with the army. They were regularly revived and given opportunities to grow by Waterkid100, a Pirates Legend. But unfortunately, the army kept failing. The army lost many wars during this unsuccessful time and even suffered hacks and defacement of their website. Waterkid100 allowed several people to revive Pirates and lead it, but every single one would give up. In 2012, the army enjoyed a short golden age, reaching maxes of 30 which they had never seen before. They also ranked 2nd on the Club Penguin Army Central Top Ten. The future seemed bright for the Pirates, but the Pirates leaders Waterkid100 and Andrew disagreed with each other. Enraged, Waterkid100 banished all of the leaders from the Pirates and the army merged into the Light Troops.

Surprisingly, Pirates returned under new leadership. The creator of the Pirates Bid Now and Pirates legend Coolster returned to lead the army alongside Waterkid100. Unexpectedly the army entered a golden age. The golden age was caused solely because the army was British. The Pirates were led by strong leadership and High Commanders. Pirates were winning wars and battles while maxing higher than 30+ during some events. But there was a problem, Waterkid100 kept retiring and returning which confused the army’s members. Due to the army losing its flow and being unstable their max began to decrease. The leadership had finally given up on their army and the Pirates dived under the sea straight into the shadows. The Pirates were declared dead.

Pirates vs. Underground Mafia Army in 2012

The Unexpected Return From The Shadows

After the death of Club Penguin, Waterkid100’s CPPS, Club Penguin Online began rapidly growing in popularity. During this period, he permitted a Club Penguin Online administrator, called Epic101, to revive Pirates. Epic101 founded the Club Penguin Online Army League where he used Club Penguin Online for armies. This army league and Club Penguin Private Server allowed many legendary armies to return. When Pirates returned, the army continuously peaked 50+ penguins and challenged the Rebel Penguin Federation, who were the best army at the time. After numerous battles, the Pirates were victorious and went on to dominate Club Penguin Armies.

During their time on Club Penguin Online, they were a very successful army. This was because the game was starting to host millions of users. The incentive of free coins attracted a lot of them to the army. This allowed the Pirates to grow rapidly and they became a very strong army. They were lead to their biggest golden age in this era.

The Pirates went on to win the Christmas Chaos and the Biggest Army Award in the fall of 2018. They continued to strive and won the Summer Bash in 2019, due to their superior size and strength. The Pirates continued dominating the army community for two years.

Due to the Club Penguin Online quandary, the Pirates were stranded with no game to play on, alongside other Club Penguin Online armies. An opportunity arose for the army community, including the Pirates. A public meeting was held where the army community discussed the future. It was showcased that there was a new game for armies to play on, which was Club Penguin Armies: The Game. The community was uncertain but most armies including the Pirates took the opportunity to strive in the army community.

Pirates first event on Club Penguin Armies: The Game

The Last Ahoy

The move to the new Club Penguin Private Server seemed like a good move for the army. The Pirates have been maxing less compared to their Club Penguin Online era, but the army remained stable. On May 26th, 2020, the Legends Cup X was announced to commence on July 1st by Club Penguin Army Media, in collaboration with Club Penguin Army League. The Pirates were competing in this tournament and had strong hopes of winning it. The Pirates defeated the Yellow Warriors and the Crimson Guardians.

But an investigation was launched by the tournament organizers alongside Superhero123, a developer and creator of Club Penguin Armies: The Game. They discovered numerous instances of multilogged penguins in their battles. These penguins had the same IP Address as some of the Pirates staff. The Legends Cup organizers decided to disqualify the Pirates immediately for mass multi-logging. The Pirates decided to shut down after this incident resulting in an abrupt end for the army. Epic101 released a post thanking his staff and members and declaring that the allegations were false. The Pirates closed on June 16th, 2020.

Pirates maxing 150

Unfortunately, Club Penguin Army Hub was not able to contact Bid Now. Instead, CP Army Hub decided to interview Bucky, a respected Pirates Legend.

How did the Pirates Leadership Opportunity arise?

It was actually random and out of nowhere, Epic wanted to retire. Therefore he gave leadership to me, Romeo and Roxient.

What inspired you to continue to lead the Pirates for 2 years?

The community loved it, they kept wanting to join the events. Even with small or big army maxes, I actually didn’t care. It really didn’t stop me to quit whenever it was hard times.

Are you proud of what your leadership has done for the Pirates?

I am really happy and proud of the way it turned out to be. Not many people have that kind of opportunity to lead such major armies at the time. The drama, tournaments, fun events, it was a really great time.

Are you still involved in the army community?

Yes sir, I am, just chilling at Ice Warriors and their colony Coup Crusaders as second in command at both.

What is your experience with Epic101, while leading beside him?

My experience with Epic was a roller coaster actually. He was a great companion to have by your side. Not to mention, the guy was really chill to hang with and talk to.

What led to the closure of the Pirates?

We actually planned to close Pirates since a lot of us were going to college and wouldn’t have time to lead an army. We planned to close after we won Legend Cup X, which didn’t happen due to the Multi-logging Controversy.

Will the Pirates ever return?

It’s possible. But we’ll see.


That’s the history of the Pirates and an interview with a Pirates Legend, Bucky. While Pirates had an unsuccessful beginning, their return in 2018 brought the army back stronger than ever. The army did shut down but the question still stands. Will they ever return?

What do YOU think? Will the Pirates ever return? Or will they remain in the shadows?
Let us know in the comment section below!

This series will be taking a break as we continue to offer new and exciting content.


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