CP Rewritten Sets Stricter Regulations For Army Community; Interview With Stu

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters –  The CP Rewritten administration have updated their stance on armies with a new set of stricter regulations. Could this be a fatal blow to the community’s sustainability?

On June 23rd, CP Rewritten administrator Stu issued a first warning to the army community in the announcements channel of the CPR Discord server. A second warning came a little over a month later, on July 27th, with a further reminder for armies operating on the platform to adhere to their rules:

For those that are actually unaware, here’s a reminder for armies: We do not allow them on full bar servers, you may do your formations or throwing snowballs or angry faces or whatever army do on < 2 bar servers only. Staff can and will kick or ban those that aren’t listening to this if it is continued to be ignored.

However, it would appear these warnings were not listened to, as just yesterday an ‘updated army rule’ was put into immediate effect. This included a change to which servers army events are allowed to occur on: previously this could be any server that was 2 bars or less, but now it is solely 1-bars. If an army is discovered on a server with more than 1 bar, the penguins will first be relocated and given a warning, and the further breaking of this rule will conclude in a 24-hour ban and a permanently muted chat. The army community’s failure to adhere to these rules will result in “further punishments“.

This new update from CP Rewritten has been a shocking blow to the community, as many armies use the platform to host their daily events and as a source of recruiting new members. To try and gain more understanding, CP Army Hub was lucky enough to secure an exclusive interview with administrator Stu.

Previously you had stated that armies can only use <2 bar servers, but in this announcement, it has lowered to 1, is there any reason behind this?

Yes, armies not following the rules and constantly hopping onto popular servers even after being banned by staff.

In your announcement, you stated that punishments will be made, what kind of punishments does the CP Rewritten team plan on enforcing?

The known punishment is being banned, however, we have more punishments that we don’t speak on publicly

Moving forward, if these rules are continued to not being followed, is there anything that you plan on implementing in order to have armies listen to CPR’s requests?

We have one last thing that we can implement is this also if not listened to yes

There is no doubt this updated stance from CP Rewritten has created a shockwave across the community. How will the army community respond? Will they adhere to the new set of regulations? Or will they continue business as usual?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


CP Army Hub Executive Producer

3 Responses

  1. clowns


  2. “we have more punishments that we don’t speak on publicly”
    why keep these punishments unknown from the public? what’s going on here?


  3. CPR had better put themselves in our shoes…


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