S/M Top Ten Armies [8/16/20 – 8/22/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — Alongside the major listings, we bring you the rankings for those in the small-medium army community.

1. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [43.6]

 2. Special Weapons and Tactics [43.38]

3. Silver Empire [42.33]

 4. Elites [40.18]

5. Army of the Orient Seas [38.80]

[NEW!] 6. LEGOMAN Army [38.50]

7. Pizza Federation [34.75]

8. Romans of Club Penguin [31.45]

9. Mango Corps [29.00]

10. One Direction Army [27.03]

Close to Top Ten:

11. Clown Rebellion [26.00]

[NEW!] 12. Ice Elites [25.00]

13. Lime Green Army [23.50]

14. Crimson Guardians [23.36]

15. Penguin Army Force [23.00]

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1. Recon Federation of Club PenguinThe Recon Federation began their jam-packed week with a recruitment session, maxing 5. They then held a spontaneous training event and birthday party for SupremePower, with a size of 10 at both. A practice battle with the Templars saw a peak of 16 in attendance, while a fish event had 13. A Mancala tournament saw 8 penguins reached, and sizes of 4 and 7 at find four and sled racing tournaments. Another Templars battle occurred, this time with a higher maximum of 18. Finally, they held a hide and seek, and ‘Dance Dance Revolution’ event with maximum sizes of 5 and 6 respectively.

2. Special Weapons and TacticsThe Special Weapons and Tactics began a strong week with an AUSIA training event, with sizes of 17 penguins. A practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin followed, with a maximum size of 31 in attendance. An unscheduled xat event then saw a size of 15. They concluded their week with a tournament battle against the Golden Troops, who didn’t show up. They reached 15 troops.

3. Silver EmpireSilver Empire had a shining week with seven packed events. Sunday morning, the empire held an AUSIA training event in preparation for the coveted four-way practice battle, maxing 11. The next day, the troops battled it out in a Card-Jitsu tournament, maxing eight. In a four way practice battle against Romans, Fighter Pilots, and LGA, SE maxed 13 and tied with the Romans for first place. After their win, nine troops of Silver Empire logged on for their Balloon Vendor takeover, and a whopping 19 joined in the animal takeover. Another practice battle between the Golden Troops ensured their victory after a max of 10. To end off the week, another AUSIA training event was held to prepare the army for another week, maxing 10.

4. ElitesThe Elites kicked off the week with a U.S. Training event on the 17th. This fast-paced event maxed a total of 20 penguins. The Elites continued with an unscheduled AUSIA training event on the 20th. Even though this event was unscheduled, it didn’t stop the Elites from maxing an impressive 19 penguins! The Elites held an HCOM-led LuciferStar Takeover event, which maxed 17 penguins, for their penultimate event. To close out their week, they held a US tournament training where they maxed 18.

5. Army of the Orient SeasThe Army of the Orient Seas had a short but strong week with three events. Their first event was a training event maxing 17. Two days later, they held a practice battle with Army of Club Penguin’s Training Regiment, where they maxed 22 penguins. Finally, they had a training event with a max of 19 on Friday.

6. LEGOMAN ArmyThe Legoman Army built up their week with 2 events. starting out with a farewell event for Pizza Gang, where they pulled together a max of 27 troops. Later in the week, they took the victory in a practice battle against their allies Clown Rebellion, where they met sizes of 16 troops.

7. Pizza FederationThe Pizza Federation started off their week on Monday with a Sled Racing Tournament where they maxed a total of 10 sledders! PZF’s second event of the week was a ‘Ronis Award Nomination where they maxed 22. Their next event of the week was held on Thursday where they battled against ACPTR in a practice battle, bringing a max of 11. To finish off their week, they had a practice battle against the Water Vikings where they brought a max of 8.

8. Romans of Club PenguinThe Romans had a strong week with four total events. They started with a four-way practice battle against the Silver Empire, Fighter Pilots, and the Lime Green Army, maxing 14 and tying for first place. Their next event was a US Training that saw 9 troops in attendance. On the same day, they promptly followed up with an AUSIA training with a 6 max. Finally, to conclude their week, they gathered 11 troops online for a Tournament Training event.

9. Mango CorpsThe Mango Corps had a short and sweet week with two invasions for SubZero Army League land. They started with an invasion of the server Lucky, maxing 11. Afterward, they invaded Snowy Field with a total of 12 troops online. Both invasions were successful.

10. One Direction ArmyOne Direction Army held 3 events this week. They started their week with a US Training Event where they maxed 9. They followed this up with an AUSIA Training event where they peaked at 7 penguins. They closed their week with a loss against Fighter Pilots in the SZAL Tournament where they maxed 6.


What do YOU think of this week’s small-medium Top Ten Armies? Comment below with your thoughts!


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CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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CP Army Hub Chief-Executive Officer


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Top Ten Committee

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