Know Your Army Meme: Dark Warriors

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Since it’s creation, the army community has seen lots of memes find their origins here. Some of these became instant classics, while the others stayed confined within the walls of the army where they originated. Associate Producer Scorpion Demon is here to give all the latest insight on meme culture across the army community!

In this issue of Know Your Army Meme, we delve into meme culture of one of the most popular armies ever. This army has been in the news recently after one of their legends returned. You guessed it right, the army is the Dark Warriors! (Yes, the title totally didn’t give it away.) They even had a meme contest last month, which brought in a golden era for meme culture within the army. I reached out to Spotty, Noa, Megann and Kris from the Dark Warriors HCOM to have a talk about their favorite memes from their army.

Editors Note: For the sake of the reader’s sanity, some of the answers (Kris’s) have been edited.

Which is the meme you love the most from your time in Dark Warriors?

Elizabeth (Spotty) : It’s gotta be “I need a new bf”, god knows how many times I’ve actually said that within the server, but it’s become a running meme now, people are just like “Oh ignore her, she does this daily.”

Noa: Spotty is always asking for a new boyfriend because Lucifer (CPAH CEO) bullies her all the time LMAOOOOOOO. Notty Forever! (It’s all jokes and stuff but he teases her at every chance he gets)

Kris: Personally, the meme/joke that first really made me feel involved in Dark Warriors was the whole ‘ait fotece’ thing, where I misspelled air force, which is the name of one of our divisions, and I remember once we had a division battle and the judges announced the results with ‘ait fotece’ winning and I found it so funny LOL.

Kris misspelling “Air Force”

Megann: I think my favourite memes from DW, has to be the “Zoom zoom I’m speed kachow” phrase. One day (sometime around April) I was having one of my story times in our DW VC and honestly I don’t even remember which story I was telling, but I said that phrase and people in the VC kind of just remembered that as iconic and it caught on. The “zoom zoom I’m speed kachow” was just a phrase I used to describe that I had to wrap up whatever I was doing and be fast. The meme is obviously in relation to Lightning Mcqueen from the movie Cars.

Click on the picture to view gallery.

I’ve heard a lot about Kris being really bad at spelling, are there any meme references to that?

Editors Note: The instances of Kris misspelling were so numerous that I had to make a huge gallery to include them. Some of them may contain profanity, view at your discretion. Make sure to dm Kris to help her with spellings after reading this post. To make sure that you get a fair view, I decided to include only Kris’s answer to this question.

Kris: I’m the best speller on this planet (edited). You didn’t see anurhing. antuhfing. anythifng. anything. I wrote this when I was eight: “I am good at spellings.” Its ironic hoenestly. hoenstly. honestly. Just this mronkng… that’s it I’m out. Fr, I gotta dadhhh. Spotry I love you!

Can you explain this meme, and what is its backstory so far?

Kris: LOL nose loves to lurk, and so do a few others… like kinder literally had the role DW lurker!! Adding reactions after doing ?afk is just funky fresh ig. Omg I used to ask him for a voice reveal so much, and then he did one and I missed it and I was so annoyed LOL.

Spotty: Yeah nose is legit always in the chat lurking, as well as other people. Like it’s not DW without lurkers. And adding reactions is great because people get so confused and it’s funny.

Megann: Nose used to come out of nowhere and just say “bruh”. Like literally the only thing he would say was “bruh” but he’d constantly be lurking and watching the chat as it goes off

12,100: The number of times Nose said bruh.

Why do the Dark Warriors constantly make memes about Julia and Megann?

Megann: DW was full of Juligann (Julia + Megann) memes because we got together through DW. And although we’ve gotten WAY more than our share of backlash for flirting with each other, people who have supported us decided to make our relationship together a meme. DW were among the first people to witness us falling for each other, and although yes we were annoyingly flirty, it was part of the journey that has been turned into a super shrexy supahotfiya meme.

Spotty: We all genuinely love Julia and Megann’s relationship. It’s so sweet and it’s amazing how DW helped them get together. I remember their cp wedding and anniversary and Oml it was so sweet everyone was just crying. As some may say Dark Warriors is Date Warriors!

Kris: We love Julia and Megann, and their relationship is really sweet, and we like to show our support by making memes for them and joking around with them. I remember when Julia first told me they got together, I was literally SO hyped about it and Juligann are a really important part of DW so ofc we gotta have fun with them about it!!

How did the “DW= Dishwasher” meme begin?


Kris: Okay so, the whole dishwasher thing was about a certain someone calling the DW leadership dishwashers because they were girls, and I didn’t know this at first, so I came into the dark warriors server, and saw everyones name as ‘dishwasher’ and I mean I was kinda confused but I just went along with it even though dishes kinda scare me, but I was laughing the whole time, especially when I got muted for spamming in cpah and had to get Spotty to unmute me LOL.

Megann: What was supposed to be an insult at our all female leadership, turned into a hilarious meme. DW was no longer the Dark Warriors, DW were the Dishwashers. Taking over the whole army community with our spin cycles and dishwashing liquid, the Dishwashers reigned supreme

Noa: :punch:

Spotty: Yeah someone called the DW leadership dishwashers because it consisted of girls. So we decided to embrace it and we changed all our names and the server to include the name dishwashers, we even have an emote now in our server. The dishwashers took over CPAH general and after it all stopped I had to help unmute them all, because the dishwashers took over the chat just a lil bit.

Who is the funniest person in DW, or the person who gets memed upon the most?

Megann: Me because my ultimate goal for DW was to be a literal walking meme. My whole life’s existence was to become a meme.

Noa: Definitely Megann LOL everything she says is gold. She has like 10 inside jokes in the army. Kris not being able to spell is funny too but then she gets salty.


Spotty: Yeah I’d say Kris and Megann. Kris’ typos are so wild and I’m pretty sure everyone knows about them, Kris language is becoming a thing. And Megann does the greatest event vcs everyone is just in fits of laughter during the entire event.

It’s obvious that the Dark Warriors are a very fun community, and their memes are some of the most hilarious ones. We would like to thank Spotty, Noa, Megann, and Kris for participating in this issue. CP Army Hub wishes them the best of the memes in the future.  Their catchphrase, “Burning the dishes since ’07”, says all that needs to be said. However, the end of this issue calls for something that everyone would love. More memes!

Come back next week for another issue.

Scorpion Demon
CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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