Zoomey Zooms From Water Vikings’ Leadership; Jack Returns

FROSTBITE, Water Viking’s Capital – Yesterday, around 16:30 EST, Water Viking Commander Zoomey announced his retirement, and just merely an hour after his announcement, Jack, a former Water Viking Commander during the OG Armies era, announced his return to leadership! Certainly, yesterday was historic for the army due to their change in leadership.

Leaving presumably the entire army in inaudible shock, Water Viking Commander Zoomey published this statement on the 3rd of September 2020 in the army’s announcement channel:

This announcement was just the beginning of the shocking news. Later that evening, Jack reported his reinstatement to position of Water Viking Commander. Jack was the 89th WV Commander; the second to last before the New Club Penguin Army era ushered in.

The CP Army Hub team took the time to reach out to both Zoomey and Jack for an exclusive interview. Here is what they had to say:

Zoomey, Water Viking Advisor: 

How did it feel to lead Water Vikings?

I felt very excited and was ready to lead the legendary army alongside my fellow leaders!

 What was your most favorite thing in the leadership?

I really enjoyed the bond I had between the troops. Whether it be them making memes of me or them just wanting to have a chat, I always found it enjoyable! There was also the aspect of working with legends such as King Funks who I hadn’t worked with since 2016 and working with WV alumni and new people such as Buddy, Change, and Fedd. To kind of sum it up, the bits I enjoyed the most of the relationships i got to build with people in the army.

What’s the feeling of retiring after such a long time?

Sadness of course but at the same time, I’m quite happy. The stresses of life is a lot in general and club penguin armies take up a lot of time which ends up causing quite a bit more stress. I will of course miss leading Water Vikings as I enjoyed it a lot but life goes on!

Do you have any plans for the future in armies?

I definitely can’t just leave armies! I think once you’re in it, it’s hard to get out of. As I said in my post, the retirement may be temporary but it may not be. I’m still going to be active and help out Water Vikings any way I can, I just need to take it slow for a while.

Jack, Water Viking Commander:

How’s the feeling of coming back to Water Vikings leadership?

It’s a great feeling. WV has always been my home in armies and I made a lot of friends throughout my time in the previous gens, so I’m very excited to lead the army one more time and hopefully meet some new people along the way

Do you have any plans for the future of Water Vikings?

My immediate plans for WV are to carry on fighting the war we’re in now with SWAT and come out victorious. We have plans for what comes next, but I’m sure they will become apparent soon enough.

What’s the biggest reason you decided to come back to armies?

I’ll be honest at first I was apprehensive, but after enough pestering from people like Revan, Buddy and Change I decided I’d come and have a look at how armies were nowadays. I’ve been in the WV server for quite a while and the war with SWAT helped reignite my hunger for armies. It was then that I knew I wanted to rejoin.

What’s your most favorite thing in Water Vikings?

I suppose I’ve always enjoyed the community in and around the Water Vikings and the strong principles that it still carries today

The Water Viking High Council had this to say about the army’s most recent change in leadership:

The WV council had little hesitation in making Jack a leader again. He should really be on the Hall Of Fame and was one of the best leaders we had in original CP armies. We have some great 2ics as well, so it wasnt like we didnt have some great options already, but Jack has been almost solely WV throughout his time in armies and we jumped at the chance to have him back – it’s a shame Zoomey has gone but Jack is a perfect replacement.

Without a doubt, the army lost a phenomenal leader, but on the other hand, they received an exceptional addition to their leadership team, so this is most definitely a bitter sweet moment in the army’s history and for its enlisted. Furthermore, will this leadership shift negatively or positively affect their current war with Special Weapons and Tactics?

What do YOU think about WV‘s change in leadership? Let us know in the comments!


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