The Rust Settles In: Jimmy Retires from Silver Empire Leadership

TOBOGGAN, Silver Empire’s Capital – In a time filled with numerous retirements and leadership changes, the community bids goodbye to yet another leader. Recently, the Silver Empire lost one of its original founders, Jimmy.

Jimmy created the Silver Empire with his co-creators on April 20th, 2020. Shortly after the army’s creation, Jimmy, Zach, Chloe, and Evan took on leadership positions despite not having any previous leading experience.

Throughout Jimmy’s time at leadership, the Silver Empire took part in multiple fabulous battles, reaching new heights that Jimmy never expected. After the Silver Empire’s first round in the Legends Cup X against the Help Force, the Empire was not even close to winning against the Force’s astounding sizes. However, Jimmy and the other leaders gained motivation and determination from this battle, pushing them to achieve the accomplishments the Silver Empire has today.

In another tournament, the Beach Brawl, the Silver Empire faced off the Special Weapons and Tactics and Templars in rounds one and two, respectively. Although being looked down on by many, the Silver Empire’s leadership gave these battles their all, shocking everyone by emerging victoriously in both. However, one of the Empire’s most notable achievements was their practice battle against the Doritos, a massive major army. Although seemingly hopeless at first, all were astonished when the results of the battle came out as a tie. The practice battle concluded with the Silver Empire reaching their greatest max of all time, a staggering 28 troops.

The Silver Empire facing the Doritos in a practice battle

Unfortunately, all good times must come to an end, and on September 14th, Jimmy announced his retirement. In his retirement speech, Jimmy briefly mentions how amazing it was to watch the Silver Empire grow. He explains that although the Empire had a rough start, everyone stuck together, and the army began to thrive. Afterward, Jimmy goes on to thank Amber, Jimmy’s co-leader, for everything she’s done for the army and him. Jimmy then announces that he will be stepping down to Third in Command and will no longer be taking care of any leadership tasks.

Jimmy’s retirement speech part 1

Shortly after, Jimmy describes some of his favorite memories during his time in the Silver Empire’s leadership. He then proceeded to thank everyone for everything they’ve done.

Jimmy’s retirement speech part 2

The CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to Jimmy for an exclusive interview regarding his retirement from the Silver Empire.

What is the reason for your retirement?

The main reasons I retired were due to my lack of interest and motivation to lead an army and a lot of ongoing activities in my real life.

What was your experience like leading the Silver Empire?

Wow! My experience was one that I’ll never forget. I’ve made so many amazing memories while in leadership. I’ve learned how to be successful, both in battles and in managing the community. Every second of my time meant the world to me and it has truly been a blessing to lead such a fun and loving community.

How do you think the Silver Empire will fare without your leadership?

I think SE will continue to thrive as it always has. Amber will be our only leader, however, she is such a hard working person and I think she’s got what it takes to step up to the challenge. Our entire staff will continue to be there to support her on her decisions for the army and no matter what, I know she’s going to do her best to keep the army successful. You got this Amburger!

Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding your retirement?

I’d just like to give some appreciation to all the army leaders out there. You guys and girls work so hard every day to make others happy. No matter how big or small your army is, it takes a lot of work and time to lead an army and I’m proud of each and every one of you! Much love!

As a fantastic creator and leader, Jimmy has made a lasting impact on his army. From starting an army from scratch with no experience to reaching a max of 28 troops, Jimmy will undoubtedly be a leader to remember. Although Jimmy believes that the Empire will still thrive without his leadership, how will they fare with Jimmy’s absence? Will Amber be able to lead the army to victory by herself? Only time will tell.

What do YOU think? How will the Silver Empire proceed after the loss of an important founder and leader? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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