Back From The Dead: TheMightyA Returns To The Community

HALFPIPE, Golden Troops Capital – A major influential leader in the Golden Troops disappeared nearly 2 months ago, but he finally returned to the community. Why did TheMightyA leave? Will his return help the Troops gain back their success?

The Golden Troops were created in March of 2010 following the merge between two small-medium armies from that year: the Sun Troops and Golden Warriors. The leaders of these two powerhouse armies got together to create the Golden Troops as they were both at the height of the small-medium Top Ten. Following the merge, they were very successful but due to some unforeseen circumstances, they fell until a merge with Team Gold, only 8 months later. From 2010 till April of this year, the army had many ups and downs, including many closures and revivals.

Golden Troops invasion of Ice Warriors’ Sub Zero on April 10, 2010

Most recently, the army was revived on April 20th, with permission from Sercan. The army’s revivers and leaders were TheMightyA, Aggiepie, and Satchmo, who held their revival event days later. On April 25th, the army maxed 13 as they held their revival event, in which they immediately registered with the CPO Army League following the event. 

Golden Troops revival event.

One of the army’s revivers and leaders is TheMightyA, and ever since he revived the Golden Troops, he played a crucial part in their success. Going from a max of 13 on their opening event, the army has seen themselves maxing 20 plus and placing high on the small-medium Top Ten.

Practice battle against the Marines.

Overall, the army has been a force to be reckoned with as they have even held practice battles against the Elites, who used to be a major army before their shutdown. Although around the 6th of August, TheMightyA started the beginning of his disappearance. Starting with leaving the CP Army Hub Discord server, he soon would leave all army servers, remaining only in the Golden Troops. That did not last long as only days later he completely deleted his account, leaving no trace.

As TheMightyA left, the status of the Golden Troops was slowly breaking as their one of their other leaders, Aggiepie, began a long endured leave. Without these two important leaders at the helm, the army saw a strong dip in sizes and Top Ten scores. Going from maxing 15 plus, all the way to only averaging a max of 6:

Golden Troops practice battle against Silver Empire.

As months go by, with no one hearing from him, TheMightyA finally returned to the community. In the late hours of September 23rd, the missed leader rejoins the Golden Troops server with a new Discord account, leaving everyone in shock:

Announcement of TheMightyA’s return.

TheMightyA immediately was flooded with DMs and pings as he was deeply missed by the entire community. He slowly began rejoining army servers, leaving everyone in shock, as no one knew when to expect his return, if any return. To learn more about his leave, the CP Army Hub reached out to the Golden Troops leader, TheMightyA.

Why did you leave the community a few months ago? 

I left because of a mixture of personal reasons, the main one being that I wasn’t paying attention in school, and my grades dropped hard, I didn’t spend time with my family at all and i was glued to the screen from like 7am to 3am, I guess i didn’t know how to balance my life so i got rid of discord, I didn’t say goodbye or make a retirement post (which i kinda regret ngl) cause i wanted to get my life together as soon as possible, so I transfered everything i owned to aggie and deleted my account

When leaving did you plan on returning? Are there any specific reasons why you returned?

Honestly I had no clue what i was doing or if i wanted to come back, I doubt i would’ve came back if it wasn’t for yesterday when i was scrolling through my email, idk why but like everytime cpah made a post it would email me, and wow i missed a lot lol. Lots of massive tea, it then reminded me of all the times i had, all the friends i made, so i said screw it i’ll come back, just idk about leading or not yet

Do you plan on leaving again, or are you here to stay?

I’m not gonna bounce like i did, completely deleting my account and all that, i’ll keep this one, I just won’t be as crazy active as i was when i lead gt, i’ll probs pop in during weekends to help and attend events then get back to my normal life, I can’t leave y’all again, it’ll hurt too much

What plans do you have moving forward? Will you continue leading the Golden Troops?

I got no clue

Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding your return to the community?

honestly i’m just happy to be back, my dms will always be open even if im active or not :heart:

Clearly, TheMightyA has personal reasons for leaving the community. While the community did dearly miss him, he finally made his return and does not plan on leaving anytime soon. Will TheMightyA’s return finally bring back the spark in the Golden Troops? 

What do YOU think? Will TheMightyA be here for good, or will he soon leave once again? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


3 Responses


    That’s it, good day


  2. Damn Mighty is cool and all but stop blowing GT so damn hard, they max 5 with allies @Mighty no hard feelings but they suffering without you homie


  3. Fair, I forgive you

    Too bad we maxed 20 the second I came back :kek:


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