Ask The Administration: “Why are the new CP Armies rooms a problem?”

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Executive Producer Max, the Army Hub’s rendition of Aunt Arctic, answers your burning questions.

Warning: The following post includes strong language and themes that some readers may find upsetting. 

How does CPAH deal with armies not following the league rules, specifically the one where all armies are required to post all their event results. Are there any penalties to those who don’t follow the rules?

Dear Reader, 

Absolutely! The Army Hub are treating the hiding of events very seriously and penalties of varying severity will be issued to armies that attempt to hide or disguise. This is to ensure the Top Ten remains fair and consistent each week, and limit armies from exploiting the formula to gain a higher position that they would not otherwise have achieved, if all their event results were submitted correctly. Such penalties include Top Ten deductions of varying amounts, or in extreme cases, the Top Ten removal.

With love, Max

Are hot dogs considered sandwiches? If not, what are they?

Dear Reader, 

Uhhhhh, this really scrambled my head. I mean, they definitely cannot be classified as sandwiches, can they? I would personally give them their own category of ‘BBQ food’ and they can live there comfortably alongside burgers.

With love, Max

Why are the new CP Armies rooms a problem?

“The roots of homophobia are fear. Fear and more fear.” – George Weinberg

Dear Readers, 

Over the past week a situation that occurred in July resurfaced when CP Armies was updated with a Halloween party and scavenger hunt, credit of the talented graphics designer Zuke. Back in July I had just assumed the position of Executive Producer here at the Army Hub and was keen to promote positivity while avoiding drama and scandal at all costs. I dealt with an upsetting incident of homophobia in private so I wouldn’t “rock the boat” or “make a scene”. I personally asked the Army Hub CEOs not to ban Zuke from the Discord channel as I did not want to draw attention to myself or the situation. But there comes a point where enough is enough and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to speak up, defend yourself and say what you believe.

The incident in question saw Zuke use a highly offensive gay slur against me. This occurred on the CP Army Hub’s xat chat and was in response to me banning-then-unbanning him to remove previous f-bombs he had used in front of children. He states he used the slur against everyone on the chat after he was “abused” but this is completely false. His ban-then-unban was solely to remove the f-bomb as deleting messages on xat isn’t as easy as it is on Discord.

A little education, perhaps. The word, “fa*got”, has another meaning – “cigarette” – and is used discriminate gay men because of its reference to a time where gay people were rolled up in carpets, set on fire and burned alive (like a cigarette). It is HIGHLY offensive and traumatic for gay people, and should NEVER be used by someone who is not gay.

At the time of the incident, I was of course upset and contacted Ice Warrior leaders Madhav and Iceyfeet1234, as Zuke held an advisor position and had banned me from their Discord. They both asked Zuke to apologise, and some time later I received his attempt at an “apology”. In this apology, he proceeded to use the f-slur a second time and stated he was “Sorry I was butt-hurt”, clearly showing no remorse for his words or actions. I didn’t respond, and was keen to just move on from the situation for good.

Click to enlarge.

Fast forward to the updating of CP Armies with Zuke’s larger sized battle rooms and Halloween party/scavenger hunt. Let me be the first to say: Zuke’s artwork is literally amazing and he is a very talented man. But his moral code of conduct does not align with that of the Army Hub. He has expressed a blatant disregard and disliking for gay people, and a significant amount of people in the community feel uncomfortable with his name and artwork being paraded and glorified, and his “Zuke’s Autograph Background” serving as a narcissistic prize for the scavenger hunt. To this day he does not believe he is in the wrong and has stated he was simply exercising “free speech”. There are plenty of other talented graphic designers out there that share common morals with the Army Hub, and we are very excited to be working with them going forward.

To everyone that believes I, or other members of the army LGBT+ community, are “blowing things out of proportion”, or that a “community vote” should be held on the situation, you are so wrong. Your shocking disregard for the situation is both terrifying and alarming. Hopefully now you understand what really occurred and why this sort of behaviour should not be accepted or promoted. You will never understand the struggles of the LGBT+ community, but could do well to educate yourself more and in the future, act as allies.

I would like to take the time to thank every single person that has reached out to me over the past week to offer love and support, as well as my Army Hub and Army of CP colleagues who have fought my corner relentlessly. Finally, to the amazing Pookie437 who has handled the situation incredibly and displayed the qualities of a Chief Executive Officer that this community is lucky to have. I sleep easy at night knowing the CP Army Hub upholds a strong moral code of conduct that puts the interests of the community as a whole before all else.

With that said, I really want this to be the end of it. Let us now move on and look forward to a spooky Halloween and exciting Holiday season.

With love, Max

If you would like to feature in next week’s ‘Ask The Administration‘, then please contact Max on Discord. Drop him a message via the CP Army Hub server, or directly using: [max]🌈#7074.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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