Guncotton Sails Into Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire The Water Vikings have a brand new addition to leadership: longtime army veteran Guncotton. How will this change in leadership affect the Vikings?

After suffering through drama regarding the coup of Revan and certain internal conflicts, the Water Vikings decided to promote Guncotton as their latest Viking Commander. Looking to grow the strength of their AUSIA force, Guncotton will assume the responsibility of leading the division.

Guncotton began his Club Penguin armies journey back in July of 2013, under the alias of Astro75114. He started by joining the Nachos, however, due to their lack of accessible AUSIA events, Guncotton eventually left the army. From there, he joined the Green Mercenaries as a moderator, quickly ranking up to AUSIA leader. Then, in September of 2013, Guncotton joined the Smart Penguins army and worked his way up to become a leader. Unfortunately, however, by June of 2014, he became inactive and eventually departed from the community.

A Smart Penguins event with Astro75114/Guncotton in attendance

Two years later, in early 2016, Guncotton got the opportunity to lead the Green Mercenaries again. Following the army’s shutdown in April, Guncotton rejoined the Smart Penguins and led their AUSIA division once more. He left the community in the October of 2016 but returned in the July of this year. From there, he joined the Water Vikings as moderator, and mere months later, he stands today as the Water Vikings’ newest Viking Commander.

Kingfunks4’s announcement of Guncotton’s promotion in the Water Vikings Discord server, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub contacted Guncotton for a statement regarding his promotion.

How did you react to being promoted?

I was informed about the promotion at the time when there were a lot of other events going on in the army so I did not have the time to completely process my emotions. Despite that I was surprised when it was officially announced

Do you have any specific plans for the army now that you’ve sailed into leadership?

My current plans are very simple : Aiming for a better position in the weekly TT and setting up an AUSIA division.

What is your favorite thing about the Water Vikings?

The people and their willingness to contribute towards the army.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The Water Vikings are currently looking for some AUSIA staff. Good luck with your article : )

The addition of Guncotton seems to allow the army to move forward with their plans of expanding their AUSIA division. Will we see new growth within their army? How will Guncotton’s addition affect the army?

What do YOU think? Will Guncotton’s promotion benefit the army? Let us know in the comments below!


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