The Pets Of Club Penguin Armies

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – You know the armies, you know the leaders, and you know the people of the community. But how well do you know about their pets? In this heartwarming post brought to you by the CP Army Hub, we introduce the adorable fluffballs of this game.

In this game, people may be intimidating or even hostile, but often we forget that they’re humans just like us. At the end of the day, many of them go home to friends and family. Some of them, the lucky ducklings themselves, go home to pets. From scaly ones to furry ones to ones with cute hats, CP Army Hub is proud to present to you the pets of Club Penguin armies.

To start things off, there’s no better classic than Pookie437’s pet dog Lady, whom you’ve most likely spotted in his array of profile pictures. The loveable King Charles Cavalier Poodle mix is ten years old and has inspired many edits, from cute ones to scary ones to plain silly ones. But did you know that Pookie has another dog who remains behind the scenes? His name is Doug and he’s a French Mastiff, whom Pookie fondly describes as “a big lazy dummy.”

The behind-the-scenes of Pookie’s profile picture

Big Doug

Next, we follow up with Luciferstar’s famously cute husky, Loki. When approached about his little puppy (whom he should really take more photos of), Lucifer hilariously said that “He’s a 8-month-old husky who makes me run more than I want to. I’ve fallen on the streets more times than I’d like to admit.”

The infamous Loki picture that Lucifer provides anytime someone asks about his dog

To round up our list of administrator pets, we present Vice President Cassie’s adorable pet dog Bear. Cassie generously provided the following introduction to the lovely pooch:

Name: Bear

Nicknames: Bear Bear, Bear Dog (only by Pookie), Binky, Bonk

Age: Just turned 3!

Breed: I wish I knew. He looks like a chocolate lab but apparently he’s not. DNA test says part poodle, part Staffordshire terrier, part golden retriever, but 100% bear.

Personality: Very mischievous, always looking somewhere he shouldn’t be. Super shy and skittish, gets mad and barks when other people are around, but deep down he’s a cuddle bug and he lives for belly rubs, kisses, and pets. He LOVES to run, he’s super fast, and he can jump up five feet in the air. He likes to dance and play tug of war, but when he’s tired, he curls up right next to you and sleeps on your shoulder.

If that isn’t a heartwarming description then I don’t know what is.

Who can resist those eyes?

Next up we present some less furry animals! Bri of the Red Ravagers has multiple pets, many scaly.

“Carmen– a red tail boa”

“Monty– a reticulated python”

“His name is Scuttles”

“Leopard geckos– Lik Lik and Leo”

“My sweetest boy Charlie. He’s a mutt. We went camping and he came home with us and now he’s my best friend”

“Rex. Part dog, part fish, part therapist”

A diverse (and also huge) list of pets for sure!

Next up, we present Kris of the Dark Warriors’ gorgeous kitty. She presented the following bio about Rosie, her calico cat.

Her name’s Rosie, she’s 7, Calico, she’s pretty shy, really affectionate when she trusts you, loves playing inside and outside, and she’s really clever as well !!

Keep your head up high, queen!

Tech9, a Doritos Second in Command, has three adorable reptile friends. Their names are Tuck, Tucker, and Tuckest.


Spotty of the Dark Warriors has two adorable Labrador retrievers.

“Ok so the black one is Poppy and she’s like 7 now, the yellow one is Yosef and he’s like 11. We rescued them 4 years ago and they like soft toys and the beach.”

Definition of puppy eyes!

If the Rebel Penguin Federation had a mascot, it would be Commando717’s cat Rebel. 

Her name is actually Rebel (no relation to RPF), RF separately decided to make her our unofficial mascot due to her silly faces (that are emojis). She’s about 3 and a half years old, a tabby, and a rescue who was born with only one surviving sister on the streets. Her main characteristic is that she’s a sweetheart who listens to nobody who earned her own name through rebellious behavior.

What a fierce warrior

Coming up next is Fusion’s famous fish. This Ice Warriors High Command has an impressive count of 16 pets! Multiple fish, a three-legged hamster, two adorable dogs complete his lovely family of pets.



Left is Izzy, right is Ellie!

Although there were simply too many pets to introduce, we round off this post with a collection of pet pictures provided by other members of the community.

Tsanami’s cat Bynx

Vivala’s dogs, Shadow and Bailey

Erika’s dog Toby

Flypin’s cat Korra, fondly nicknamed the avatar cat for her glowing green eyes when it’s dark

Mehak’s husky Rio

Keynikki’s dog, ACP Weiner Levi

Keynikki’s ACP iguana Carlos

Kaliee’s pet puppy Benji

CoffeeBean’s cat

Intrinsic’s dog Captain

Intrinsic’s dog Charlie

Intrinsic’s husky Chan

MaddieCW3’s dog Indie

Jenn’s dog Jack in a Fighter Pilots uniform

Jenn’s dog Nemo

Jenn’s dog Wander

LEGOMAN’s dog Finnegan

LEGOMAN’s Yorkie Cujo

Leila’s dog Stella

Leila’s dog Gunner

A special feature of Leila’s (famous) dog Lard, may he rest in peace

Although they’re not puffles, these pets are loveable nevertheless and give some of our lucky community members a warm home to return to. They’re truly a blessing in our lives. Do you have any pets? Would you like the community to meet them one day? 

What do YOU think? How cute are these fluffy (and some less fluffy) lovelies? Let us know about YOUR pets in the comments below! 


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief

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