Help Force Wins Aces of AUSIA Tournament

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Just over a month after the first-of-its-kind Aces of AUSIA tournament was announced, the results are in! But the question is: which army’s AUSIA division came out on top? 

It was a long road to the Aces of AUSIA tournament final, with eight armies taking part in battles from November 29th, all the way up to the final on December 20th. The tournament semi-finals, on the weekend of the 12th, saw Help Force beating Silver Empire and Army of Club Penguin beating Red Ravagers, placing the clovers and the helpers in the final two. Silver Empire and the Ravagers would then fight for third place. 

The third-place battle took place on November 19th, just one day before the grand final. Battling on the server Klondike at 10 pm SGT, the Red Ravagers and the Silver Empire fought through Ninja Hideout, Stadium, and Snow Forts, with both maxing 12+. The two gave the battle their all, but, ultimately, Silver Empire’s slight size advantage and use of speed allowed them to win all three rooms, earning them a Bronze medal in the tournament. 

Red Ravagers and Silver Empire battling it out for a spot on the podium

The next day saw the tournament final, with both Army of Club Penguin and Help Force turning up in massive numbers. The battle, fought on CP Armies server Klondike at 10 pm SGT, was record-breaking for both armies. ACP reached their AUSIA record of 77 troops, and the helpers broke their all-time record by 1 troop, maxing 85. 

Although the clovers started strong, the Help Force quickly turned it around. The helpers ended up winning the first room due to their strong formations, aided by some ACP blunders. As the battle drew on, HF found the growing size difference between them and ACP to be an advantage, maxing 20-30 members more than their opponents by the final room. This, alongside their quick and smooth tactics, allowed Help Force to win all three rooms, securing their place as the first-ever Aces of AUSIA victors. 

Aces of AUSIA Final Battle Between Help Force and Army of Club Penguin

Judge Caesar’s verdict, click to enlarge

Well done to the Help Force for their astounding victory in the first-ever Aces of AUSIA tournament. Congratulations to all the runners up for their efforts as well!

 What do YOU think? Will Help Force’s win spur on a new generation of AUSIA troops? Let us know in the comments section down below!

Sophy Bee

CP Army Hub Reporter in Training


CP Army Hub Reporter


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