How YOUR Army Is Surviving The Private Server Void

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As we enter the new year of 2021 and officially say our farewells to Flash, let’s take a look at what these armies are planning during the transition to HTML5, a type of Hypertext Markup Language used for coding web pages.

There are a lot of questions up in the air regarding the future of armies following Flash’s demise. However, this is certainly not the end of the community and only the beginning of the HTML5 era. To some armies, this signifies a hiatus of events until they find a suitable CPPS to hold their events on, while others might move to another gaming platform, such as Roblox or Minecraft, for the time being.

CP Army Hub was able to contact a mix of ten major and small-medium army leaders to give their statements as to what their plans were during this in-between transition into HTML5.

Orange, Ice Warriors Leader

Currently, we are just holding some fun games for everybody to play and enjoy while we wait for a reliable HTML5 CPPS for us to use. Looking forward to the new HTML era!

Crazzy, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader

In RPF we’ve been focusing on community events such as movie nights, Among Us competitions, games, and so forth as we graciously prepare for the Flash to HTML5 transition. My staff and I have been testing out different CPPS’ in the mean time, trying to find the best fit for our army’s future. We’re excited to see CPR’s new release, and are definitely looking into other options as well. We’re hopeful that the future of CPA will move forward in the right direction.

CSY, Army of Club Penguin Leader

For ACP, we’ve been exploring other CPPS’, such as Frosty as it is still working, as well as CPR HTML5. In addition, we’ve been doing some community events that were owed from our Christmas clovers for change event. This includes a 3 hour karaoke session yesterday, a Christmas/new years themed Spanish lesson today, story reading and much, much, more.

Andreia, Doritos Second in Command

Haha, well we’ve already discussed that all together, along with the future of DCP regarding what CPPS we are deciding to switch to. We’re keeping our server as a gaming/hangout server for now in order to get more people engaged as we are still deciding on what CPPS to move to. We’re thinking of starting to write more posts for our website as well. Lastly we’ve decided to make a new weekly schedule including different games and events to keep our members engaged and such, so that people can interact with each other!

Mare, Special Weapons and Tactics Leader

During this transition, we will be testing out Club Penguin Chapter 2 for now and holding events on there. Also, we are going to start holding fun game nights.

Light, Pizza Federation Leader

Because PZF has been a functioning multi-gaming organization since June, I feel like we’re better equipped than a lot of people are to survive in this transition period. We’re likely going to shift to playing more of the other games we offer, such as Roblox and Minecraft, and even our new Pokémon Division. Overall we’re not here to play Club Penguin but to have fun with each other so we’ll make sure that keeps happening in the meantime.

Bri, Red Ravagers Leader

We’re going to be slowly transitioning to using CPC2. The plan was originally CPR, but with them being down for a few days we’re trying out CPC2. If we like it and feel it works for us, then we’ll be continuing with that in the future. Other than that we really plan to focus more heavily on community engagement. We’re planning on hosting a lot more game nights and encouraging our troops to host game nights as well. If someone says they’re playing Among Us or Minecraft, I would ask them if I could ping our gamer role to get other troops involved as well. Additionally, we’ve added more game-based bots to our server to just boost the overall morale and stimulate more interaction between troops. Either way, we’re ready and excited to enter this new era of HTML5. Dread the Red

Rach, Golden Troops Leader

For Golden Troops, we’re going to be doing some game nights until we can figure out what CPPS we want to use as our way to keep the server busy and make sure it doesn’t die for the time being. We might also try out the New Club Penguin downloadable client for an event or so, and try that out until HTML5 comes out.

AustinFraud, Elites Leader

Since Elites were revived during the transition period, we decided to stay low with events and stuff so that we could make the perfect transition to HTML CPPS. The best way to survive is through recruitment, an army can’t survive without recruitment.

Beni, Crimson Guardians Leader

We’re planning on recruiting like crazy and also hosting fun events to keep members intrigued and active. This is a hard state to be in, but we’re optimistic.

It seems that most armies are looking to host a variety of game nights or move their individual communities to other games, while other armies hold out hope for a CPPS’ that will be fully HTML5 compatible. Whether armies continue in their quest to find a suitable HTML5 CPPS, shut down, or transition out of club penguin completely, there is an abundance of options to consider as we embrace this new era.

What do YOU think? Which HTML5 private server seems most reliable or promising for the future? Be sure to tell us YOUR thoughts in the comments!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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