Cena’s Retirement, Pretzels Shutdown

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – On March 23rd, 2020, Cena, now former Pretzels of CP (PCP) leader, announced his retirement from the CPA community, and with that, the shut down of his army. Find out more about his retirement below.

Hello CPA,

After days of thought, I have decided that it is finally my time to depart from the Club Penguin Army community. As much as it hurts me to leave all of this behind; I believe this is the best thing I can do for myself.

From my off and on time spent in the Nachos from 2011-2013 to my final days spent in the Pretzels, I have (for the most part) greatly enjoyed the memories created from this beautiful (yet often horrible) community. Club Penguin armies were a major part of my childhood and I’m honored to have been a part of the community. Although I was often a nuisance to others with my trolling antics, I do deeply love all of you.

Cena’s Retirement Post, the Pretzels of CP official website

It’s a peculiar time choice to retire at this moment, considering the immense amount of growth that armies are going through right now. Cena retired with a well-known name in present armies, both as a leader and as a troll. The Pretzels Discord server now functions as a hangout chat in order to keep the community in contact with one another. Mascot trackers and moderators are still active in the server and the chat remains satisfactorily active.

We were able to get ahold of Cena for an interview about his retirement and the shutdown of PCP.

Interview with Cena
conducted by CuriousKitty

CPAM: Hey, Cena! I’m CuriousKitty representing CPAM and I wanted to interview you about your retirement from PCP. So, tell me, what made you decide to retire?

Cena: A few things. Burnout, wanting to focus more on school, and I’ll be getting a new job once this coronavirus sh*t blows over.

CPAM: That’s fantastic. I’m glad you’re deciding to focus on your real life. What made you want to turn PCP into a hangout server?

Cena: I’m proud of the community that Pretzels created and I don’t want to lose that. Even if we aren’t an army I still want to keep in touch with all of my friends in PCP.

CPAM: Before doing so, did you take in mind the possibilities of handing the army over to someone else?

Cena: No.

CPAM: Is there a certain reason to that?

Cena: I gave the orange horse one last ride. She needs to rest.

CPAM: That is completely valid. One last question, did you achieve your goals for PCP before shutting it down?

Cena: Not all. But I’m very happy with how things went. In the end we all had fun with PCP’s last ride. We went out undefeated in war.

CPAM: I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. Any other things you’d like to add?

Cena: Fear the salt! Wash your hands! Don’t play Club Penguin in 2021! Cena owns! Stfu cow!

CPAM: Thank you for your time!

What do you think of the disbandment of the pretzels? Let us know below!

CPAM Reporter Trainee

CPAM Editor-in-Chief


3 Responses

  1. cena is an idiot. Glad to hear he is now retired!


  2. club penguin armies are homosexual


  3. club penguin armies are homosexual


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