CPAM Special Report: Mass Multilogging Uncovered in Skaters Leadership

Click HERE for an update: Skaters shut down after leader Elisha speaks out.

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – In yet another CP Army Media special report on the multilogging madness that has succumbed the community recently, we break down and uncover the shocking exploits of the Skaters leadership.

In the past seven days, CP Army Media has reported on the multilogging and botting activities of both the People’s Imperial Confederation and Templars, twice. Today, all eyes turn to the Skaters, whose leadership has been caught multilogging an unbelievable amount of penguins.

The Skaters have held two events this past week. The first took place on May 29th, and they peaked at 40. The second was on May 30th, and a maximum size of 39 was recorded. Suspicions were raised when a CP Armies: The Game moderator came across one of these events. Creator and developer Superhero123 was alerted, and proceeded to check the IPs for the penguins attending their previous two events, which revealed a mass multilogging operation occurring within the leadership. It was discovered the leadership, consisting of Overload, Averil, Spin and RedYagmi, were multilogging approximately 20 penguins at their events. 

May 29th

Overload, shown in the colour yellow above, obtains the penguin accounts: Jhonathan1 and Coco1. RedYagami seems to be a serial offender, with the following penguins obtaining the same IP as his main account “RedYagami”: Ninja101, Dragon3, Gladiator5, Knight4, Titan (P10324) and Samurai22. He is depicted by the colour blue in the picture above. Averil, shown by the colour red above, obtains the following penguins: Samantha (P10187), Zeraya (P10189) and Vile (P10188). Spin, green in the picture above, owns the alt penguins: P10188, Cora, Revolve, P10189 and Knob. Although leader Elisha contains three penguin alts, we could not find these present when viewing the event pictures. The same situation was for R0yal, who owned a single alt that could not be identified. The only leader with no alt penguins is Zero.

May 30th

Superhero123 provided the following statement as proof of his accurate and honest findings:

“After suspicions were raised to me by CPATG moderation team member, I looked into the database’s login logs to figure out if there were multiple accounts during that battle that logged in from the same IP address. The investigation returned the following findings: Accounts P10187 Spin P10188, Cora, Revolve, Aussie, Averil, P10189, Knob all shared the same IP address during the Skaters’ event. I was and still am the only one with access to the logged IP addresses that resulted on those findings. CPA:TG is not supportive of multilogging, and every accusation of such by any community member will be investigated and, if it’s true, will be brought to light.”

CP Army Media took the evidence to the Skaters leadership, so that their defence could be heard. Overload stated Coco1 was his sister and Johnathon1 was his friend, both of whom were at his house using his internet at the time of the event. He also provided screenshots of Discord accounts that had their names, showing both had joined 2 months and 1 week ago. However, both of these discord profiles had not spoken since March 2020, the same week they joined the server.

Sisters Averil and Spin live in the same household, yet still had 5 penguin alts present at their event. Their defence was they “gathered up a few friends to attend events together”. This is despite the social distancing and lockdown measures currently being enforced around the world.

At the time of writing, RedYagami has yet to make a statement. As we eagerly await to hear his response, will we be met with yet another story of extended family members popping over to lend a hand? Or perhaps it will be his pet fish? CP Army Media concludes that Overload and Spin are both lying about having multiple family members and friends come over to their houses, in times of lockdown and social distancing, to attend a Club Penguin event on two separate days. We believe this is a poor attempt to cover up their actions, but only implicates them further and makes them look more guilty, tarnishing the reputations of themselves and their army. Overload’s position as a CP Army Media judge and more importantly, a Legends Cup judge, is now under threat with many calling for his removal.

In light of the evidence obtained, CP Army Media has imposed a ban on the Skaters from this week’s Top Twenty army listings. Let this be a lesson that multilogging in the community will be punished harshly. It is also disappointing to see the Skaters leadership could not own their mistakes and instead fabricated an elaborate defence of friends and family members at their house, logging on for Club Penguin events. But what I find even more disappointing is that I’m positive this isn’t the last time I will be writing such a report. So, until the next one,

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CP Army Media Vice President


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