The Corn Pops Again! CPPCAN Revival Coming Soon

Mammoth, Club Penguin Popped Corn Army News Headquarters – It’s no secret that people sometimes like to exhibit their inner madness, and that’s probably why CPPCAN was created.

Club Penguin Popped Corn Army News was a parody news site ran by Colin (a.k.a. Cena), Zucculente, Tobypenguin, and Cadence. These four ran CPPCAN and took pride in being the most biased news source in armies, particularly supporting the New Viking Alliance. CPPCAN was known for publishing titles such as “The Pizza Federation are Cannibals”, “Pet Shop Raided by LGA Rogues”, and their Top Ten Armies of the week, which always happened to be wrong.

The site was opened on August 4th, 2019 by Cena, and he hired the first reporters more than a week later. A brief period of prosperity was had by CPPCAN, making multiple articles a day for a whole week. However, interest in writing articles started to dwindle and so did views. Suddenly, two articles a week became the new standard. Cena essentially shut down the site by founding the Duck Knight Army of which most of CPPCAN’s reporters switched their focus to. CPPCAN was never officially shut down, but the writing on the wall was clear; there was no interest in continuing the brand whatsoever.

A picture of CPPCAN Headquarters, taken on August 22nd, 2019.

However, changes were made in the official CPPCAN Discord server last week which lead us to believe CPPCAN may pop again. On May 31st, all the Discord channels were deleted and only the general chat remained. On the same day, Cena stated in the Pretzels Discord server “I’m bringing CPPCAN back.” Naturally, I attempted to interview Cena about what the future may hold for the news site, but this was to no avail. As my head began to fill with questions, I searched for anyone else who could give me answers. To my dismay, the only person I could contact about the situation was Zucculente.

Have you heard the rumors that say CPPCAN is returning?

Yes, I am apart of the reopening.

What can you tell the press as of now?

Nothing right now.

What are your thoughts on CPPCAN as a whole?

The most trustworthy CPA news source.

Thanks for your time.

After our interview with Zucculente, it appears the rumors of a CPPCAN revival seem to be true. Although it is unknown when the revival will happen, it is safe to assume that CPPCAN will once again be one of the most “totally unbiased” and “absolutely trustworthy” news sites out there.

What do YOU think? Will CPPCAN return to their former glory? Will Cena once again run the site? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee


CP Army Media Executive Producer

3 Responses

  1. Lol I have to admit never heard of them


  2. Oh hell yeah! I’m sooooo ready for this to come back!!!! Their articles were hilarious and I always looked forward to them


  3. Haha, interesting. I remember similar parody site of CPAC back in 2016. Will check this one for sure.


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