Water Vikings and Marines Join People’s Imperial Confederation War

BELOW ZERO, People’s Imperial Confederation Empire – The Water Vikings and Marines have joined the People’s Imperial Confederation and declared war on the Pizza Federation and Templars.

After the Pizza Federation, Red Ravagers, and Templars invaded the People’s Imperial Confederation’s empire (click here to read), two of PIC’s allies have now joined in the war in an attempt to protect their brethren from this threat. This ongoing conflict now includes the Water Vikings and Marines on PIC’s side facing the Templars and PZF.

In their declaration of war, the Marines stated that the Water Vikings will be facing the Templars while the Marines will focus on the PZF. Marines leader Revan stated that both of these armies will soon be wiped off the map but that the war will not be easy as they expect more enemies to join in.


Marines’ most recent event

So far, the Marines, WV, and PIC battle sizes have been large and the war has been very competitive. In one of the strongest battles of the war till now, PZF and PIC faced off in a battle that was ruled to be a 3-0 win for PZF.

The Water Vikings also released a declaration of war stating that they will not accept that PIC is bullied especially when their leader and creator, Sidie, is on leave. In the post, the Water Vikings also stated that PIC did not ask for the help of the Marines and Water Vikings but WV felt that they have a role in protecting their allies. WV also stated that they regret to have to terminate their alliance with the Templars but they feel it’s a need because of the doubts they had about the alliance anyway. This is WV’s first conflict since its reopening.

The Water Vikings and Marines believe that they will emerge victorious in this war. We were able to exclusively interview Water Vikings leader Kingfunks4 to know more about what they aim to get out of this war.

Do you believe the Water Vikings are ready for a war of this scale?

The Water Vikings are more than capable of succeeding in this war and we have prepared all of our divisions to be able to fight in this conflict. We are proud to lead the alliance to support the continuation of the Peoples’ Imperial Confederation. The Water Vikings will prevail and hopefully this will strengthen our army at the same time.

What does the Water Vikings’ leadership aim to achieve out of this war?

The Water Vikings want to ensure that the three armies that have ganged up on PIC back down and leave them alone, whilst also gaining some servers for ourselves. Templars have way too many servers which they have accumulated through invading smaller armies, so we wish to address this inbalance.

Do you think that you’ll be able to achieve it? If not, why?

We will definitely be able to achieve this – the Water Vikings have shown in the Legends Cup that we can step up our performances to match some of the biggest and more established armies in this community

Any additional statements?

Keep an eye out for an announcement regarding our HCOM/Leadership this Saturday

As this interesting conflict kicks off, both alliances feel confident in their abilities and believe they can win. However, actions speak louder than words, and what will happen on the battlefield is what will count. Will the Wet Alliance emerge successfully? Or will the tsunami crash upon itself?

What do YOU think? Comment down in the comment section!


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CP Army Media Associate Producer


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