BREAKING: Doritos Higher Command Speak Out Against Leadership, Flee To Dark Warriors

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Members of the Doritos higher command and staff have fled to the Dark Warriors, declaring the ‘family forever’ catchphrase contradictory and calling out leader Meerrkat for being a ‘dictator’.

Important notice: The following includes the personal accounts of the departing staff and the Army Hub recognizes this is just one side to the story. A response from Meerrkat has been included later in the post.

Just moments ago, Doritos leaders-in-training Becky and Louis and fourth-in-command Battlefield announced their departure from the army. They have spoken exclusively to the CP Army Hub, to tell their story of what life was like inside the army, and why they have made the decision to leave. 

Louis and Becky state the trouble began following the closure of CP Online, when leader Meerkat returned to the army. Army League creator Epic101 had previously banned Meerrkat from the league, and so he had been operating as a staff member under the alias ‘Mired’, while maintaining his admin permissions on the Discord. This was kept secret from many of the staff, and when they discovered the truth, felt both shocked and betrayed as they had grown close with the alias under these false pretences. 

The now-estranged staff went on further to declare Meerrkat a ‘dictator’, due to a variety of actions and experiences they found concerning. The first of these was the holding of democratic staff votes, only later to bypass these and implement what he believed should have been the outcome. This occurred with the removal of ‘Allxsyn’, who had been “repeatedly breaking rules”, and was voted to be banned by the staff. However, it is claimed Meerrkat unbanned her and gave her another chance after “just 20 minutes”.

They continued by calling out the ‘staff requirements’ implemented by the leadership, which started out as easy and attainable, but then became progressively difficult. These staff requirements became “super stressful” and caused numerous staff members to leave the army. Louis states: “The whole family forever thing disappeared maybe a week after Meer returned. It wasn’t a family anymore, it felt like stress and work.

These staff requirements included measures such as 20 discord invites, a message minimum of 1500 and 6 hours of recruiting. 

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The departing members also expressed frustration over “favouritism” for certain individuals in the staff ranks. In particular, they refer to the promotion of Leila after “she began e-dating Meerkat”, despite “only just meeting the requirements”. Additionally, they believe Leila was given administrator permissions on the Discord server as a third-in-command, and again fellow staff were unhappy about this.

It is clear those leaving feel animosity towards Meerrkat in particular, and revealed they believe him to “constantly sh*t-talk the staff behind their backs in a leadership group chat known as the ‘Oligarchy’”. When quizzed on their thoughts of the other Doritos leaders, the departing members said they believe 32op and Rah were “amazing” and the sole issue lies with Meerrkat. 

Following their sudden departure, Louis and Becky will be taking up second-in-command positions in the Dark Warriors, while Battlefield will resume his fourth-in-command role. They say they look forward to a new sense of community, down-to-earth leaders and that “unlike the Doritos, the Dark Warriors seem like a family”. Additionally, Louis believes the Warriors have a better sense of morality and are more accepting of opinions and people willing to make change for the better. 

CP Army Hub approached Meerrkat for a response, and he said the following in regards to the allegations and situation:

Yes, it’s true that I returned under a different name after I was banned from CPO. I honestly was just going to call it quits since I was pissed off that I was removed from the one and only army I called home after all these years but good friends like Mustapha and 32 kept wanting me to come back. I work a full time job and i’m barely even on during the day. I did not set up the staff requirements. To be honest, I dont even know what the requirements are since i’m just so damn busy irl. It’s funny that Becky and Ghandi call me a dictator. In my eyes, I viewed them as power hungry individuals. Sure, it was nice that they would moderate main chat but I never noticed them trying to actually get to know troops, it was just them yelling at troops to follow rules. Please remember, I left DCP for a few days because I felt like I didnt have a say. I’ve always noticed a hatred towards me and wassim. Ghandi always giving us a hard time, Wassim constantly coming to my dms telling me how Ghandi is trying to act like they own the place, which I noticed as well. I wanted to give Ghandi a chance by promoting him to LIT but I guess he still wasn’t happy. I don’t understand why you need to bring up Leila to this though, she’s done nothing wrong to you both. I was confused as to why you didn’t allow her to have anymore mentees, and it upset her. I asked Becky in dms and I was pretty nice about it. Yet she acted like I targeted her and Ghandi started calling me a white knight lol. I never ‘shit talk’ staff. The only thing I really complain about is that recruiting should be pushed more

With several members of the Doritos higher command fleeing to the Dark Warriors, the internal stability of the army is left in the balance. How will the Doritos respond to this? Will more staff members follow suit? And how will this affect relations between the Doritos and Dark Warriors? CP Army Hub will continue to monitor the situation and provide you with the latest updates.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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  1. damn son thats some spicy drama right there


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