Battle for the Sea: Army of the Orient Seas vs. Water Vikings

CRYSTAL, Battle Server – Earlier today, Army of the Orient Seas and Water Vikings went head-to-head in a practice battle for the sea. Despite the fight both armies put up, only one could win.

Army of the Orient Seas and Water Vikings logged onto Crystal on Club Penguin Rewritten for their practice battle. The judges of this exciting battle were Cassie, Crazzy, and LuciferStar. The judges counted that Army of the Orient Seas had 21 penguins logged on, while Water Vikings had 18.

Room 1

The practice battle kicked off with word bombs from both armies. Throughout the room, Army of the Orient Seas had cleaner formations and faster tactics. Water Vikings were a little slower with their tactics, but they put up a great fight. Formations varied from both armies, including an upside-down T, a plus, a few waterfalls, and bombs. Both armies maintained similar sizes for the entirety of the room. As a result of all this, the judges gave the first room to Army of the Orient Seas.

AOS vs. WV Room 1: Docks

Room 2

Yet again, both armies flooded the second room with bombs, then moved into plus formations. Their formations for this room were more dynamic than the first; they both did a V or an upside-down V, as well as clean X forms. However, Water Vikings sat on Army of the Orient Seas during their plus and their X, copying their forms. Army of the Orient Seas bombed out of this, exposing gaps in the opposing army’s formation. The tactics from both armies were entertaining and complimentary. Despite the size similarities and Water Vikings beginning to take control, the judges awarded the second room to Army of the Orient Seas.

AOS vs. WV Room 2: Iceberg

Room 3

Just like the previous rooms, both armies entered the stadium with bombs. Water Vikings fought hard against Army of the Orient Seas’ fast-paced formation changes and tactics. While Water Vikings moved quicker than before, their opponents hit back hard. Water Vikings created forms that reduced their size and boosted the opposing army’s mass. However, through changes such as rakes and bombs, they were able to come out of it. Both armies maintained a similar size for the final room, but only one could win. The judges gave this room to Army of the Orient Seas.

AOS vs. WV Room 3: Stadium

Both sides were entertaining to judge and both put up a tough fight. The similar sizes forced the judges to rely on tactics and formations to crown a winner. As a result of this, with a score of 3-0, the winner was the Army of the Orient Seas. Water Vikings fought valiantly but just missed the mark. Congratulations to Army of the Orient Seas, and well done to Water Vikings!

What do YOU think of this practice battle? What do you think of the results? Let us know in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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  1. Well done to both the armies!


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