Troop Interviews: Ice Warrior’s Flav

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Troop Interviews Office –  Welcome to the Army Hub’s Troop Interview, where we speak to some of the interesting penguins from around the army community. Whether that be the lowest recruit or the highest-ranked soldier, we will give them the platform to speak out on their army and the community as a whole.

Today we will be interviewing Flav, a Lieutenant General in the Ice Warriors!

Kava: How are you today Flav?

Flav: I am very good thank you, had a good sleep.

Kava: That’s lovely to hear! As I recall, you are a member of Ice Warriors. Could you explain to us what your rank and duties are in the army?

Flav: I am a Lieutenant General which is a high staff rank. My duties are to recruit but also welcome new members and be active.

Kava: I see, what would you say is your favourite part about Ice Warriors?

Flav: My favorite part about the Ice Warriors is the community, I am friends with a lot of people there especially staff and it reminds me of the Pirates back in the day. But also, there is not much drama within the Ice Warriors and it’s just a good environment to be in.

Kava: Were you affiliated in any armies before your recruitment in Ice Warriors?

Flav: I joined Pirates back in late 2018, and it was great. I wasn’t staying there for free coins but the army was just so united as one and still to this day is my favourite army I have been involved in. I left Summer 2019 due to personal reasons and returned during lockdown which was March 2020. I was happy to return to Pirates but I chose to work my way back up to the high member rank before. When Pirates sadly shutdown I achieved the rank of staff, which was my goal when I returned. During this time of my return, I was asked to help a new small army called the Coup Crusaders, I helped improve their server and gave some tips on their leadership, I believe their leadership was not experienced. Then I left, concentrating on Pirates. When the Coup Crusaders as defaced, I joined back and helped rebuild as a Leader alongside previous leaders. When Pirates shut down, I decided to join the Dark Warriors but they were strict and I wasn’t able to Lead Coup Crusaders. I was in Dark Warriors for 4 weeks, I earned two promotions as I was always active and helped behind the scenes. But I left this army due to personal reasons but also I didn’t like how Freezie was treated. I transferred to the Ice Warriors and I have loved it there ever since. Since Coup Crusaders is a colony of the Ice Warriors, I was able to return.

Kava: With your exposure to a multitude of different armies, what would you say makes a successful army?

Flav: For an army to be successful, they must always think positive. I never thought that Coup Crusaders would reach the Finals of the Beach Brawl but with hard work, dedication and being positive, we have made it and I’m extremely proud. I also think, if leadership isn’t good, the army won’t be good. If you look at successful armies and look at their leadership, their leadership is very good and they are definitely admired by their army. But if you look at armies who are not as successful but have been around for years, that possibly could mean that their leadership needs to improve.

Kava: Having a positive mindset and outlook on things is definitely critical in building a successful army. Do you happen to have any hobbies or interests outside of CP?

Flav: I love the outside. I live near the sea, so I regularly go surfing with my friends for the whole day. I also like doing exercise, I like to go on long fast runs, cycle long distances and go to my gym. I mostly run since I am training, which I will discuss more later on in the Interview.

Kava: Do you have any ridiculous goals planned in life?

Flav: As I said earlier I’m training. I am in the process of joining the Royal Navy. I only have medical exams left and then I’m off to basic training. But the military requires very good fitness. Which is why I run every day and constantly attempt to improve. Also, there’s a waiting list for basic training so don’t worry, I will still be around for a while. For those wondering, I am joining the Royal Navy as an Air Engineer. You may be asking why not join the Air Force, the reason for that is, I love the sea and would love to travel the world and go onto missions into different countries and basically explore the world.

Kava: I wish you the best on those ambitious travel goals! A Favourite Colour?

Flav: I don’t have a favorite color. But I do like Blue and Red.

Kava: It looks like we’ve almost reached the end of our interview! Is there anything you’d like to say before we end it?

Flav: Stay safe. Stay inside. And don’t forget to wash your hands with soap for 15 minutes.

To conclude the interview, I think that Flav can be seen as a diligent member in his army as well as the CP army community in general. He is seen to have dedication in what he does as well as commitment in an army. He has also shown to be driven in his life goals outside of CP and continues to motivate himself and the people around him. Overall, I think Flav is a loyally devoted troop to whom many can look up to.

Be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s interview! Who knows? Maybe you could be our next interviewee! Be sure to direct message either katerina#1424 or Jason6331#3481 on Discord if you would like to be interviewed!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Reporter


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