A Look Into The Help Force’s Isolationist Foreign Policy

ZIPLINE, Help Force Empire Amidst all the squabbling and fighting that frequents the Club Penguin Armies community, one army sets itself apart from the rest in their sense of isolation. The Help Force, a relatively new army formed in 2018, stands today as one of the strongest major armies. Yet, despite this, they have adopted an approach that is unlike any other. Is the Help Force’s isolationist foreign policy the source of its strength and success?

Despite only having two years of history, the Help Force remains a major powerhouse, consistently placing high on the major Top Ten and achieving great maxes and battle results. Last week, they ranked third on the Top Ten and also defeated the Ice Warriors and Doritos in their respective practice battles. At their AUSIA battle against the Ice Warriors, they maxed an impressive 54 troops, winning with a score of 2-0-1. The following day, they beat DCP with a 50 max and a clean 3-0 sweep.

AUSIA Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors.

How do they achieve this? Unlike other major armies, the Help Force practices a form of isolation from the community. This approach, albeit unconventional, is not wrong, per se; in fact, perhaps it is precisely what allows them success. The Force has not participated in a war since World War Rewritten, which occurred in April and May of 2020. However, despite their absence of complicated foreign relations, the Help Force’s lack of aggression means they can focus on building their community. Instead of focusing on acts of war, the Helpers have built up a complicated but fascinating support system, all while staying true to their origins and the essence of helping.

Their strong sense of community is evident in the multitude of recreational and fun activities they offer. Typically, armies garner hype through battles and wars. However, the Help Force keeps troops engaged through fun and a complex system of games and rewards. They host segments, tournaments, use a point system, and reward Helpers with roles, stamps, and honors.

Help Force Dance Tournament

Helpers having fun at a dance contest tournament

In fact, they seem to defy the boundaries of a regular army. Similar to only a few other armies, the Help Force have their own fully operational and up-to-date CPPS, named “HF Island”. It’s complete with all the latest graphics, impressive catalogs, and even Water and Fire Card Jitsu. On their CPPS, they offer mascots, pins, parties, and host regular fun events and tournaments. They also host stamp and recruitment segments on CP Rewritten, often multiple times each day.

While all of this sounds familiar to many armies, the Help Force’s disinterest in wars allows them to take the above aspects to a whole new level. Especially, their own high-quality CPPS, which enables troops to enjoy the game how it was initially. Helpers can play games, talk with friends, look for pins, meet mascots, buy clothes, and decorate igloos, all while enjoying the army aspect of the CPPS with their events and tournaments. This may be the key to the Help Force retaining an active community and, therefore, a consistent max.

Help Force CPPS Event

An HF event on their custom CPPS

This unconventional approach has brought the Helpers much success, evident in their number three ranking on the Top Ten last week. CP Army Hub reached out to leaders Tistle and Barnito for an exclusive statement on why the Help Force takes this isolationist approach.

Statement from Tistle

One of the main reasons for Help Force becoming somewhat separated from the army community is its policy on dual-enlistment. It’s not something that’s always been a part of Help Force history, but as recruiting has become harder and harder for us to be able to survive, we don’t want our members straying to other armies all the time. Loyalty is definitely an attribute we value highly and members straying from our army in the past has led to conflict. As someone who’s not the most passionate leader for armies in history, I’ve kept Help Force out of war to lower the stress of myself, the staff, and the Helpers. As a CPPS only army, with very little experience in war leading, it would be difficult for us to maintain the demands that a full-on war could throw at us. Instead we’ve opted to interact with armies through practice battles, while simply concentrating on ourselves and pushing to keep growing with each week that passes.

Statement from Barnito

Most armies would not follow a policy unlike the Help Force does. This might be because any other army may feel being integrated with the system, with other armies as allies will help them overcome problems as such. But the truth is, it’s hard to maintain them, or any relations whatsoever.

With the no dual enlistment policy, we are able to build a stronger core with very few chances of troops being scattered by enlisting in other armies. This can be one of the reasons which result in us having fewer wars or crises between other armies and hence, very few foreign relations.

Yes, the Help Force has not had a war since the WWR (May), if you look at the results, we have focused ourselves in building a stronger community and this has worked out. The time, dedication, and the efforts the staff team and our members gave towards this is just outstanding. The outcomes of the tremendous efforts are clearly seen in the performance we put up during the Legends Cup X and during practice battles with other armies.

Sometimes, allying with more armies looks good for a short time goal, but if you look at the long shot, that day is not far behind where war is started. We might get caught up between them because we’re allies to both sides. But so far, everything has been good for us and we aspire to maintain healthy and good relations with our allies.

For me, these policies are sensible and subtle. All the time we have can be given to rectifying any problems or methods in our own community, thereby building a stronghold for ourselves. It may seem socially detached, but we’ve struck our roots deep into the community if you ask me.

With the absence of wars and foreign relations, the Help Force has been able to focus on its community and develop a place for people to have fun, thus increasing engagement and keeping troops. In a way, their CPPS name, HF Island, truly reflects what the Helpers embody. They are like an island, isolated and floating alone on a vast ocean, but thriving within itself. It will be exciting to see how armies continue to take their own approaches and achieve new success in the future.

What do YOU think? Is the Help Force’s isolationist foreign policy a successful approach? Should other armies consider doing the same? Or will the Helpers’ island slowly sink to the bottom of the waves? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. Thank you so much Max! Couldn’t have done it without you ❤


  2. Great post Sophie! This is a phenomenal piece of work.


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