Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Help Force Battle Review

WHITE HOUSE, Battleground – The Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force faced off in an exhilarating practice battle on August 30th. The battle of the two giants saw both sides exercise their might with gargantuan sizes. Who took home the trophy?

The Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force are two of the strongest armies in the league, shown by their consistent Top Ten scores. They are known to max incredible sizes during AUSIA events. Thus, their melee was destined to be a much-awaited event. Help Force maxed 60, breaking their personal record of highest AUSIA size. The Rebels were close behind, with 59 penguins in attendance. The combatants met on White House to finally commence the battle.

[Snow Forts]

Both Rebels and Helpers were quick to transition into formations. The Rebels moved into a plus formation and the Helpers surrounded them. However, they weren’t able to make their formation perfect for quite some time. For the next five minutes, there was a rapid exchange of tactics. The Help Force faltered in their tactics for a few moments in the middle of the fight. Help Force bombed first, and the Rebels followed within seconds. Both armies settled into formations once again, with the Rebels forming an inverted L while the Help Force formed an X. Due to their cleaner formations and more consistent tactics, the Rebels won this room.

Room 1: Snow Forts


Once again, both of the armies entered at the same time and burst into formation hardly seconds after their bomb. Although the Rebels completed their inverted V formation much before the Helpers, the Force was able to cut their lead with ease. With more troops filling in, the inverted V soon became an A, while the Help Force’s inverted T overflowed available space. Both of the armies were equally matched after this, with each countering the other. As a result of the striking similarity in their performances, the room was declared to be a draw between the two armies.

Room 2: Docks


Quick as lightning, the armies entered the room with big word bubble bombs and settled into their respective formations. The Helpers once again surrounded the room, while the Rebels formed a plus. Both armies moved at the same pace and had consistent tactics. The Helpers bombed first and quickly moved into a plus as soon as the Rebels followed the bomb. The Federation decided to surround the room, and both sides stayed that way till the end of this exhilarating battle. Once again, due to there being an equally strong performance from both sides, the room was declared as a draw between the two armies.

Room 3: Iceberg


Help Force showed jaw-dropping strength, but in the end, the win went to the Rebel Penguin Federation for their cleaner formations and faster tactics. Therefore, the judges announced that the Rebels won this amazing battle with a score of 1-0-2. Congratulations to the Rebel Penguin Federation for maintaining their winning streak in the face of such strong opposition!

The Judges’ Verdict.

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Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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