Editorial: The Single Flaw of the Black Ice Alliance and the Dorito Exposé’s Potential Motive?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Max’s Desk – The Black Ice Alliance has been the single most dominant force in this community since its creation. But it has one flaw that I believe the Doritos recent exposé publications intended to exploit.

Disclaimer: The following article contains the views and opinions of the author, not the CP Army Hub as a whole. This is merely a commentary of recent events that looks at the social balance within our community. It does not address allegations or indicate armies are responsible or liable for the actions of others. 

The Black Ice Alliance was created in mid-July and saw the Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation unite against the Doritos, publishing simultaneous declarations of war on July 15th. Three website posts cited an array of allegations, including “toxicity, cheating and immoral behaviour“, among other reasons. The undeniable power of this major army alliance was witnessed as their soldiers marched on the Dorito capital, Summit, on July 18th. A recorded peak of 151 penguins was noted – an almost inconceivable force that truly displayed their power and dominance over the community.

July 18th: The Black Ice Alliance march on Summit.

The very short BIA-Dorito conflict saw the three allies schedule three invasions at the same time, with the Doritos logging on to face the Ice Warriors. Albeit, their efforts in battle and in their attempts to form a New Dawn Alliance were not enough. They lost all three invasions and later that same day announced the imminent shut down of their army. They did not close, and instead completely withdrew themselves from the league aspect of the Army Hub. They suffered a tremendous blow with the departure of many leaders and a drop into the small-medium Top Ten, but showed significant strength of character as they shocked the community with a second place ranking in the major Top Ten, two weeks in a row.

There is no doubt that the Doritos have experienced the full impact of the Black Ice Alliance, an alliance between three major armies – the Rebels and Ice Warriors sitting comfortably as “top three” armies, and the Dark Warriors, although not placing as high in the Top Ten rankings as of late, are definitely not to be underestimated and have fiercely loyal members who perform exceptionally in times of battle.

The latest major army rankings.

Could this be the Black Ice Alliance’s single flaw? The very fact that they are comprised of the three most dominant armies in the community means the community balance has shifted irrevocably in their favour. What army would dare oppose them, and in the unlikeliness of an opposing alliance being formed (we saw what happened with the failed New Dawn Alliance) – could that even be enough? Anyone that has been in this community for longer than five minutes knows that nothing lasts forever, so could we reach a point in time that the alliance is bored of having no opponent? After all, this game is built on armies and their conflicts.

Yet this is not the first presence of a major army alliance in the community. The Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of Club Penguin, for many months, held an extremely close “brother alliance” under the leadership of friends Koloway and Ultipenguinj. In the ‘CP Rewritten’ army community, these two armies were the top two forces for months. With the ‘third position’ army some way behind these top dogs, the ‘CPR community’ saw very little major conflicts. This changed, however, when Koloway departed from the Army of CP and the pair distanced under the leadership of CSY, leading to the catastrophic ‘World War Rewritten’ conflict. My point here: a balance in the strength and dominance of enemy armies witnesses a balanced conflict.

So where does this leave us now? A major army alliance with power so great no other in the community can overcome? It would appear the Doritos recent exposé of, and most notably, The Warrior Alliance, was an attempt to address this imbalance. Although I cannot speak for the Dorito leadership, it seems likely their recent exposé was an attempt to break up the Black Ice Alliance and create a divide between the Warrior Alliance and Rebel Penguin Federation. Are the Doritos trying to force a Rebel reaction as it is well-known they are an army that adheres to a strong ethical code of conduct? Or am I clutching at straws and the exposé came from the July DCP-BIA conflict being left dormant and festering for the past eight weeks.

I had a discussion with Dorito leader and author of the first exposé, Meerrkat, who agreed with the thoughts above:

Well there was some pre-existing tension [between DCP and IW/DW] and the points listed in the expose needed to be finally addressed. RPF did absolutely nothing. It was to readjust the community balance, which I feel the community is too afraid to speak about.

July 16th: The Doritos and Ice Warriors clash for server Rocky Road.

With the situation still so fresh, we cannot yet say if their attempt will work. The politicisation of the army community means wars are no sparked for reasons of land or fun, and people’s actions and words are held against them. I cannot say if this is right or wrong, but it is the world we live in and the community we have evolved into.

So, how will the Rebel Penguin Federation respond? A few state they should, while most believe they have no obligation to respond, nor get involved. After all, it has nothing to do with them and as stated by leader Meerrkat, they did nothing wrong. Will the Black Ice Alliance dominance continue? What will the make-up of the community look like in a months time? None of these are certain, but one thing very much is: the Dorito and Ice Warrior conflict is far from over.

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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