Water Viking-SWAT War Concludes With Force Treaty

YETI, Battleground – After a tedious war, lasting precisely one month, the ‘Eagre Foray‘ conflict between the Water Vikings and SWAT has finally concluded.

One month ago, on August 26th, the Water Vikings released the post that started it all: a war declaration against the Special Weapons and Tactics. The detailed post accused SWAT of troop stealing and vowed to invade their empire to the very end, lest SWAT miraculously decided to transfer all their land to the Water Vikings, merge, or force their creator, Ganger90, out of power. SWAT declined all of these proposals, and thus the infamous Eagre Foray began.

Since that day, there have been precisely 25 battles between the two armies. Much has happened in that time. SWAT achieved major status, the CP Army Hub witnessed its first invalid battle due to a lack of judges, and ultimately, the war ended with a blue victory. September 27th saw the last battle of this war. The Water Vikings successfully invaded Skates before SWAT chose to transfer their remaining land to the Dark Warriors. This allowed the Water Vikings to force treaty SWAT and, consequentially, end the war.

SWAT transfers all their remaining servers to the Dark Warriors

The Water Vikings’ treaty, officially ending the war. Click to enlarge.

Since the last Eagre Foray post, there have been six more battles. First was the AUSIA invasion of Cozy, to which SWAT successfully defended with a 20 max while the Water Vikings peaked at 21. Following that, 34 Water Vikings fought to keep their possession of White Out, however, SWAT was able to successfully invade with 30 troops. Unscathed, the Water Vikings chose to invade Cozy once more, this time pulling through with an incredible 37 Vikings and winning the battle, while SWAT stayed close behind at a size of 26.

Afterward, on Friday the 26th, the Water Vikings defended their server Fiesta against SWAT with an astounding size of 40 Vikings, successfully retaining the server against the 27 SWAT agents. Switching to the offensive, the Water Vikings then invaded SWAT, who maxed 20, for the server White Out. Having doubled their size with a 40 max, the Water Vikings took the victory in a clean 3-0 sweep. The icing on the cake for the Vikings was their battle the following day; the last and final battle of the war. Their invasion of Skates saw the Water Vikings win in a score of 2-0-1, due to their size advantage and quicker tactics. With that, the war was finally over.

The final judge’s verdict in this war

The process of this war was undoubtedly long and tedious, but ultimately both sides put up a spectacular fight, resulting in some of the highest sustained maxes both armies have seen lately. At their highest, the Water Vikings peaked at 47 troops, while SWAT peaked at 37.

One of the earliest battles between the two armies

As the Eagre Foray finally comes to a close, the CP Army Hub news team sat down with Change, leader of the Water Vikings, about his thoughts on the conclusion of this war.

Did you expect the events to play out the way they did today?

I’m definitely surprised DW made the decision to sandwich themselves between our conflict given their recent performances, but it’s not exactly uncommon for SWAT to hide behind other armies when they are getting piledrived. Regarding the early transfer, that was another surprise (definitely a pleasant one) that Pjayo fortunately spotted and exploited.

What was your favorite moment or favorite battle in the war?

I might be privy to saying this as it’s what is most recent in my memory, but probably when Pookie gave the go ahead on the force treaty. It was such an exhausting war that was prolonged for about 2 weeks longer than it needed to be thanks to a certain aspiring soundcloud rapper. It was just a huge sigh of relief for everyone I imagine, including ourselves.

Did you expect the war to go as long as it did?

Referring back to my previous answer, no. Ignore all the sensationalism from Pjayo, the sole purpose of this war was to bridge WV into the school year and mitigate the ‘September drop’ which, if you notice our significant surge in size since a week or so before the war, you’d agree that that was a success. Unfortunately, Ganger saw it differently, choosing to refuse surrender and prolong the war as it was “deeper than just a regular war” and misconstruing it’s continuation as a necessity to “protect SWAT’s legacy,” which, if you ask me, all he ended up doing was embarrassing his own army and wasting everyone else’s time.

Do you expect any further tensions with SWAT moving forward?

Probably not. That all depends on if they choose to hold a grudge all the way over into the new year.

CP Army Hub also reached out to SWAT leader Ganger90 for a statement, who provided the following:

Watch out for SWAT we will only grow stronger :arrow_up:and WV’s force treaty is invalid.
It appears that despite the end of the war, there are still some disputes over the Water Vikings’ force treaty. However, Change has stated that CP Army Hub CEO Pookie has confirmed the validity of the treaty, and upon checking with the admins, this appears to still hold true. What will come in the future for these two armies? Will a grudge live on, or will they forgive and forget? Perhaps we can only wait and see.
What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!
CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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  1. It was real embarrassing to prolong a war in cp armies that WV started good logic as always Change


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