One Last Time: Doritos Shutdown; Hold Closure Event

SUMMIT, Historic Doritos Capital – The Doritos are one of the oldest armies still around to this date, boasting many successes since their recent revival. Unfortunately, this did not prevent their shutdown, as they had their last event and ceased operation as of September 27th. What was the reason behind this surprising decision?

The Doritos were created on February 8th, 2010 by Wwebestfan. While the army started small, it grew much attention as the years went on, sparking many conflicts with armies such as the Nachos and Army of Club Penguin. The army would soon become one of the biggest armies of their era, but despite their successes, they closed down at the beginning of 2017 due to the original Club Penguin’s shutdown.

The Doritos during their time in the original Club Penguin

They would come back, however, after being revived by co-creator Alfrondo1465 and Doritos legend Mustapha10 in November of 2019. The army used Club Penguin Online for most of their operations, gaining much attention and reaching maxes as high as 100. After Club Penguin Online’s shutdown, they moved over to CPPSs such as Club Penguin Armies: The Game and CPArmies. After leaving the CP Army Hub league, the Doritos would transition to Super Club Penguin, gaining tremendous support and eventually partnering with the CPPS. From there, they would continue to sustain sizes of 50-60 until their closure.

In Doritos leader Meerrkat’s retirement post, he announced in an exclusive interview that the Doritos would be shutting down. The main reason for the army’s closure would be due to the staff’s real-life responsibilities. Meerrkat stated the following:

I reached out to the rest of the current leaders and they were all in agreement. We all have very busy lives right now including our staff and these past 9 months have been nothing but incredible…

However, despite the army’s closure, the Doritos are leaving on a high note. In the past few months, they have engaged in many conflicts and tournaments, their favorite being the March Madness Semi-Finals against the Ice Warriors. Doritos legend and leader 32op said the following:

Definitely my favorite battle would be the March Madness Semi-Finals. DCP had recruited 900 people in just 3 days with over 500 reactions, the entire army was hyped as hell about the battle. We maxed 160+ with no allies which became the biggest CPA battle in history. We filled up an entire CPO server with IW and ended up winning. Once that “Doritos have won the battle” hit, the entire army went crazy and it was such an amazing event. It was an amazing time even if the outcome was controversial.

The Doritos facing the Ice Warriors in the March Madness tournament

They held their final event, titled “One Last Time”, on September 27th. They managed to max an astounding 71 penguins. Despite the sad connotations, members, staff, leaders, and allies all enjoyed this one final bittersweet event, reminiscing and celebrating the Doritos’ many successes since their revival. Afterward, the Doritos gave out awards and honors, with Maroon and Rah receiving the status of Doritos legend, most notably. As leaders and troops reflected on their experiences with the Doritos in the past months, it was clear to see how much love they had for their army. 

The Doritos’ final event

The Club Penguin Army Hub was able to get an exclusive interview with Meerrkat with his final thoughts on the army’s closure.

How much of an experience has it been leading Doritos?

I learned a lot being here. I’ve always been a shy person and always stayed quiet but being here for the past 9 months has helped me build up a lot of confidence and grow as a person.

What are your final thoughts on the army and its closure?

All good things come to an end. It’s time for DCP to rest.

Do you think Dorito’s will be revived or come back one day?

Yessir. You’re looking at the future 2020 Christmas Chaos Champions.

Do you have anything you’d like to add?

Meer sends his regards.

Even with the army closing, the staff and members are very proud of what they’ve accomplished over the past few months. Since their return, the Doritos have proved that they’re a force to be reckoned with. How will they fare upon their next revival? Will they bounce back with a bang, or will this generation of the Doritos be the last of its kind?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Reporter


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