Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of CP Ceasefire Extended

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – The Army of CP and the Rebel Penguin Federation agreed on a ceasefire treaty, extending their existing one to January 31st, 2021.

At the start of May, the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation agreed on a ceasefire, ending the World War Rewritten between them. As the months went by, their ceasefire allowed them to remain peaceful, however, the agreement was set to end on September 29th. Nevertheless, a few days after, the Rebel Penguin Federation’s leader Cosmo and the Army of CP’s leader CSY decided to renew the ceasefire. On October 2nd, they formally released a screenshot of their renewed agreement in the CP Army Hub’s treaties section.

Cosmo and CSY agreeing to renew the treaty

Backing up to World War Rewritten, on April 27th, 2020, the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Army of CP. This war began because of a leaking that happened within the Clover army and also because a few Army of CP members were bad-mouthing the Rebels. After the war, the ceasefire treaty was created. As a result, the Federation received full ownership of servers Tuxedo and Deep Freeze. The Army of CP, on the other hand, received full ownership of Mammoth on Club Penguin Armies and Club Penguin Rewritten. After a long 5 months since the end of the war, the ceasefire treaty expired. Recently, both armies agreed on renewing the treaty.

RPF vs. ACP during the war

The CP Army Hub staff were able to catch up with the Rebel Penguin Federation’s leader Crazzy and the Army of CP’s leader CSY for a statement on the extension of the ceasefire between the Army of CP and Rebel Penguin Federation:

Crazzy: We’ve been in contact with ACP  the past few weeks if not months, about where we stand with each other. The original ceasefire was to conclude World War Rewritten, a war that was a result of rising tensions between both armies. Since then I’d say those issues have died down and both armies have dialed back. In the past few weeks, both of our armies realized we share similar values and generally have the same plans for the future, so why not renew the treaty.

CSY: To be honest, things were pretty up in the air as to what would happen once the ceasefire ended. Since WWR though, both armies and the community has changed a lot, including actually being able to get to know RPF more. On ACPs end, we saw no need to continue the old conflict.

Currently, there is no objection against the ceasefire treaty, potentially allowing the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of CP’s bond to grow stronger. With the agreement set until January 31st of 2021, this begs the following question: what’s in the future for the Rebels and the Clover Defenders? Will their peace last, or will this renewed treaty be the last of its kind? Perhaps only time will tell.

What do YOU think about the ceasefire treaty’s extension? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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  1. im glad both sides are doing well with one another 😀


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