Leader Life Stories: Semi, Water Ninjas Leader

WHITE HOUSE, Water Ninjas Empire – As of recently, the number of colonies seen in this community have reduced quite a bit. Although it appears that this trend of major armies using colonies as a way to grow their empires may be near the end, one colony has stuck around and is still quite prominent within this community. Upon opening, the Water Ninjas were immediately colonized under the Ice Warriors. The leaders that have been established since then, including Semi, have exceeded the expectations of not only the Ice Warriors but the community as a whole.

Semi first joined the community back in March of 2020 by joining the Ice Warriors. However he did not stay there for long, for he decided to move over to the Golds Empire where he ranked up to Second in Command. Following the shutdown of Golds, Semi decided to create the Fighter Pilots alongside Jenn. Unfortunately, one day Semi decided that this chapter in his life came to a close. He decided it was time for him to step down as leader of the Pilots and head back to his original army where he first began his journey. Once the Water Ninjas opened up, Semi immediately wanted to return to a leadership position and has been leading the Ninjas ever since.

Water Ninjas Practice Battle Against Red Ravagers

Since Semi began leading the Water Ninjas, a number of accolades have been achieved. Among these achievements, a couple things that Semi is most proud of include placing among the top three in the Small/Medium Army Top Ten multiple times. Another thing would be winning several practice battles in which their backs were against the wall.

The CP Army Hub staff were able to sit down with Semi to discuss his thoughts on his journey thus far.

Hello Semi. Thank you for sitting down and doing this interview with us. What made you want to join CP Armies?

Uh well funny thing. I was strolling along in the HOLY CPPS Club Penguin Online when this person in an Ice Warriors uniform was yelling at me to join. I had seen them multiple times before but was bored that one day, so I said “you know what why not.” I joined Ice Warriors and the rest was history. And like everyone, at first I was in it for the CPO coins. Don’t tell me you weren’t either tbh.

Since you have been leading the Water Ninjas, what has been the key to the army’s overall success?

Honestly, it’s creating event hype. WN is quite unique because it is a 100% colony. This means that all enlisters are IW, so we do not recruit at all. With events that are fun battles or events, we can boost our attendance. But as a colony we still have a lot of pack in our punch so back off mate

Throughout your time in armies thus far, what has been your favorite memory in this community?

Ah, that’s a tough one. One of my favorites was actually going to war with the Alberto Warriors. In the moment I was pissed asf, but now it’s hilarious that I was so upset about all this. It was nice that we maxed 34 tho, but also ridiculous that we got destroyed by an army based off Albert417, NOT an alt. But an honorable mention also goes to Come:dancer:on:man_dancing:shake:dancer:your:man_dancing:baby:dancer:do:man_dancing:that:dancer:conga:man_dancing:know:dancer:you:man_dancing:cant:dancer:control:man_dancing:yourself:dancer:any:man_dancing:longer:dancer::man_dancing::dancer::man_dancing::dancer:

What are some of your hobbies outside of armies?

None. Just kidding aha so funny. Personally I do a lot of schoolwork, but I enjoy doing some sports like volleyball golf and tennis, the only ones I can do due to covid. Uhh I also spend a lot of time on Netflix which more people do here lmao. Since this is probs the last question :dancer: don’t forget to conga.
Although the colonial era of armies has undoubtedly slowed down, the success of the Water Ninjas is something that cannot be overlooked. Under their current leadership, the sky could very well be the limit for the Ninjas. Especially with the help that the Water Ninjas can obtain from their “Father Army”, the development these leaders can undergo is second to none.
What do YOU think? Will the Water Ninjas continue to improve? Is the colonial era of CPAH slowly deteriorating? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment down below!
CP Army Hub Reporter

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