Fright or Fight: Round One Results

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This weekend the community saw the first round of the Fright or Fight tournament go down. Eight small-medium armies and eight major armies competed this weekend, but which armies will move to round two?

The Army Hub’s Halloween tournament, Fright or Fight was highly anticipated event this past weekend. With separate brackets for small-medium armies and major armies, this tournament was greeted with excitement by all. In the first round eight armies from each bracket went head-to-head in a 30 minute battle, judged by three qualified judges.


Help Force vs. Water Vikings

The first battle to take place in the Fright or Fight tournament was between Help Force (HF) and Water Vikings (WV). This first battle was well fought by both sides which resulted in a fourth, tie-breaker room in order to allow the judges to find a clear winner. Help Force took this battle with a 2-1-1 win. HF took this victory due to their larger size and cleaner formations and tactics in the tie-breaker room.

Winner: Help Force

Pizza Federation vs. Golden Troops

This battle between Pizza Federation (PZF) and the Golden Troops (GT) resulted in a clear 3-0 victory for PZF. Overall the judges deemed that though GT came close at time, PZF was superior in their formations and size which allowed them to win this battle.

Winner: Pizza Federation

Army of Club Penguin vs. Army of Orient Seas

The Army of Club Penguin (ACP) easily won this battle against the Army of Orient Seas (AOS) with a 3-0 victory. AOS put up a good fight, unfortunately ACP’s large size advantage, maxing around 57 whereas AOS maxed around 20, and tactic speed left AOS in the dust.

Winner: Army of Club Penguin

Red Ravagers vs. Crimson Guardians

Red Ravagers (RR) took a 3-0 victory in this battle, just as we’ve seen multiple times in the first round of this tournament. Crimson Guardians (CG) worked hard but RR had a strong lead in all aspects of size, tactic speed, and formations, resulting in their clean victory.

Winner: Red Ravagers

Ice Warriors vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

Ice Warriors (IW) and SWAT went head-to-head for this battle and resulted in a 3-0 win for IW. The Ice Warriors managed to max almost double that of SWAT’s, giving them a large advantage from the beginning. Both armies put up a good fight, however IW claimed this victory.

Winner: Ice Warriors

Silver Empire vs. All Four CPAH Admins Wearing Funny Shoes

The Silver Empire (SE) went up against this tournaments’ mystery army; All Four CPAH Admins Wearing Funny Shoes. AFCPAHAWFS were, of course, composed of the four members of the CPAH administration team. There was no clear competition between the two armies, as SE easily claimed their victory against AFCPAHAWFS.

Winner: Silver Empire

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. All Four CPAH Admins Wearing Funny Hats

The Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) were up against the mystery army; All Four CPAH Admins Wearing Funny Hats. RPF was a force unmatched by AFCPAHAWFH, causing them to void their existence. This allowed RPF a quick and easy claim to victory for this battle.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

Most Wanted vs. Tree Cult

This battle between Most Wanted (MW) and Tree Cult (TC) ended with a 3-0 victory for MW. TC had an unfortunate start to this battle, which allowed MW to jump ahead early and never look back for the entirety of the battle.

Winner: Most Wanted

Help Force, Pizza Federation, Army of Club Penguin, Red Ravagers, Ice Warriors, Silver Empire, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Most Wanted have all advanced to the next round of the Fright or Fight tournament. Time to start placing your bets for the second round!

What do YOU think about the results of the first round of the Fright or Fight tournament? Who do you think will advance to the third round? Let us know about YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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  1. the Pizza was delicious, but i recommend using better quality dough next time.


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