The Top Five Moments From October 2020

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As October draws to a close, we take a look back at the Top 5 Moments from the past month. But what was crowned number one?

The CP Army Hub staff team recently held a meeting to discuss what we collectively believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments‘ from October 2020. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, whether that be a war, retirement or scandal. So without further ado, we present the October 2020 listing.

5. The Ice Warriors Claim First On The Major Top Ten Rankings

Written by: Myth

The Top Ten has had one dominator throughout the past several months: the Rebel Penguin Federation. For the first time since the opening of the CP Army Hub, however, a new army emerged victorious in capturing the top spot: the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors held five events that week, all of which saw very high troop attendance. Throughout that week, they had two practice battles, emerging victorious in both. The Rebel Penguin Federation held 10 events in total, with no battles taking place. But despite their triumph, the Rebels regained their top spot position the following Sunday.

4. The 2020 CP Army Census Results Are Released

Written by: Action

Censuses are an old tradition of Club Penguin Armies, first starting in 2011. In late September the Army Hub released a census to the community to ask about and understand the current community. The results were later released mid-October. The results showed many important things like thirty six percent of the people that participated in the census first played Club Penguin in 2020, compared to sixty one percent in 2010. On the other hand though, forty eight percent of the participants first joined armies in 2020. Moreover, the census showed how direct message recruiting is becoming ever more important, with fourteen percent of participants being recruited through Discord direct messages.

Furthermore, the influence and importance of major armies over the community was shown in the census as over half the participants are either currently enlisted in, or started their armies careers in major armies like the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Doritos as their first army. Other than that we found out more about the people in the community like their political identification, their gender and their sexual orientation and their age, race and religion.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of CP Ceasefire Extended

Written by: Sophie

At the start of May, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin signed a ceasefire treaty, successfully concluding World War Rewritten. Their conflict initially emerged following a staff chat leak within the Army of CP, presenting them in a questionable light, as well as rising tensions from a few Clover Defenders badmouthing the Rebels. These tensions quickly progressed to a full-blown war, eventually evolving into what we know today as World War Rewritten. From the end of April to the beginning of May, the Federation and the Clovers engaged in a multitude of brutal battles, entangling with their allies as well. On May 2nd, however, the war officially concluded with a ceasefire treaty between the two armies, set to expire on September 29th.

As September 29th approached quickly, the Army of CP and the Rebel Penguin Federation announced the decision to renew their ceasefire. This new agreement solidified increasingly cooperative relations between the two armies, with leaders from both sides citing a realization of their shared values and dissolvement of tensions. This new treaty will last until January 31st of next year and ensure that the Clovers and the Rebels remain neutral towards each other’s conflicts and recruiting efforts. More than that, however, it symbolizes an increasing peace between two former enemies and possibilities for better relations in the future. What is in the future for the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Army of Club Penguin? Will their truce last, or will this renewed treaty be the last of its kind? Perhaps only time will tell.

2. The Halloween ‘Fright or Fight’ Tournament Consumes Army Community

Written by: Kally

In early October, the Army Hub announced the Halloween-themed Fright or Fight tournament, with only a few chosen armies invited to participate. These selected armies were then divided into two brackets: one for the major armies, and another for the small-medium army community. Round one saw a total of eight frightful battles. In the major bracket, the Help Force, the Army of Club Penguin, the Ice Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation were all named victors and advanced to the semi-finals. From the small-medium bracket, the winners moving on to the semi-finals included the Pizza Federation, the Red Ravagers, the Silver Empire and the Most Wanted.

In the second round of the tournament, the semi-finalists battled for a spot in the finals. In the major bracket, the first gruesome battle occurred between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force, with the Rebels coming out on top. The second saw a grisly battle between the Army of Club Penguin and the Ice Warriors, which resulted in a win by the Clovers. The fight for a finalist spot in small-medium bracket was equally as tough, the first battle was won by the Red Ravagers, and the second win was taken home by the Pizza Federation.

The grand final battles saw the Rebel Penguin Federation take victory over the Army of CP, and Pizza Federation win against the Red Ravagers. We now look forward to the next tournament, starting sooner than you think!

1. The CP Armies Halloween Artwork Scandal

Written by: Caramel

On October 15th, a Halloween Party was released with CPArmies being refreshed with a new look, now containing custom rooms designed by graphic designer Zuke. The party also included an adventurous Halloween Hunt in which participants explored to find eight items. The prizes of this hunt included a Halloween pin and an exclusive background of Zuke’s signature. However, four days later on October 19th, the custom rooms were removed and replaced with the original Club Penguin Halloween ones. The reason for this was because of a general upset across the community for Zuke’s homophobic attitudes in the past. When questioned about the removal of the new custom rooms, Executive Producer Max replied to this question in his weekly column, found here. He explained what had really occurred between the two of them: that Zuke has used an offensive homophobic slur towards him after he was banned-then-unbanned on the Army Hub’s xat chat to remove an f-bomb.

When contacted, Zuke went on to “apologize” to Max for his actions but proceeded to reach out with an indifferent and offensive attitude. With the Army Hub punctuating their strict stance against homophobia, the custom rooms and prizes glorifying Zuke were removed. Moving on, the CP Army Hub will be working with other skillful graphic designers instead in the future.

Whether you agree with our listing or not, there is no doubt the month of October has been a very busy one for the community. As we now head into November, what can we expect to occur? And what moments will top our listings at the end of it?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR Top Five Moments in the comment section below!

The CP Army Hub Staff Team

Words by: Myth, Action, Sophie, Kally, Caramel, Max


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