Black Seas War: Rebel Penguin Federation Invade Cream Soda From Water Vikings

CREAM SODA, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – Day two of the Black Seas War saw the Rebel Penguin Federation invade the Water Vikings’ server Cream Soda in a fierce AUSIA battle. Exactly what occurred in the second battle of this war?

The first day of this community-wide conflict resulted in the Water Vikings successfully defending their server Jackhammer from the invading Dark Warriors. Day two, however, pitted the Vikings against another invading army: the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Rebels offensive saw an invasion scheduled for the server Cream Soda at AUSIA hours earlier today. The Vikings marched into battle eager to prove their strength, while the Rebels were excited to continue their fantastic battle record.

As the room was announced both armies quickly moved into the stadium, the Rebels entering with a “THE REBEL PENGUIN FEDERATION IS HERE” bomb while the Vikings countered with a “HAMSTER” x7 chant. Both were slow on tactics as Discord was experiencing some issues, but despite the immense challenge this caused for the leaderships, they both still put up a spectacular performance.

Room 1: The Stadium

In the second room, the Ice Berg, both armies picked up the pace and swiftly moved in. An interesting variety of tactics was witnessed, as the Norse army came up with “VIKING POWER EVERY HOUR” and the Federation returned with a sarcastic “BEACH PLEASE“.

Room 3: The Ice Berg

The battle finally came to an end in the third room: the Snow Forts. Both sides put up an amazing display and fought viciously for that victory. After an intense battle the results were finally announced by Judge Mchappy, who stated the following about the battle :

Right out of the gate there was a noticeable size difference between the two armies. Room 1, Stadium, both armies had to overcome Discord connectivity issues. Thus, tactics were slow on both armies’ side. RPF’s size overpowered WV but WV started off the fight strong with formations that covered up RPF and made WV appear big. Room 2, Ice Berg, Discord bounced back and armies began picking up in speed. It was quite clear to the judges that RPF has been practicing formations that cover the entire room because it was hard for WV to combat against this. WV moved around the room a lot, and stayed as a focal point, but the size difference again was too much. Room 3, Snow Forts, both armies gave it their all at the end. RPF formations were really unique and large, and for a while WV got lost in them, but WV ended with a strong plus formation. Throughout the entire battle WV were also the first army to bomb first, move around first, and racked up more bombs than RPF did.

It seems that the Federation’s size was too much for the Vikings to overcome and it ultimately resulted in their defeat and losing of Cream Soda to the Rebels. With day two of the war coming to an end, three more invasions have already been scheduled on the Vikings by the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Dark Warriors, and the Ice Warriors simultaneously. 

What do YOU think? Will the Water Vikings be successful in defending their servers? Or will they lose it all? Leave YOUR thoughts in the comments down below.


CP Army Hub Reporter

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