Black Seas War: Dark Warriors and Water Vikings Face Off For Jackhammer

JACKHAMMER, Battleground – With another day of war comes another day of invasions. Today, the Dark Warriors and the Water Vikings battled it out once more for the server Jackhammer. Which army came out victorious?

Dark Warriors invaded the server Jackhammer, owned by their opponents, Water Vikings, earlier this week. However, the invasion was unsuccessful — as a result, the Warriors scheduled a re-invasion of the server, eager to fight. How did the battle turn out?

Room 1: Snow Forts

The armies entered the first room with big bombs. Following this, they traded tactics and moved into formations quickly. Both armies threw witty tactics at each other, and more often than not, the opposing army countered it right back. The room was propelled by the speed of the battle — however, the Dark Warriors had a slightly quicker speed. They also had a minor size advantage along with cleaner tactics. As a result, the judge declared the room a Dark Warriors victory.

Room 1: Snow Forts

Room 2: Iceberg

The second room was a packed house, with both armies completely filling the room. Once again, the Vikings and the Warriors traded exciting and creative tactics. At one point, the Water Vikings formed a huge triangle, against the A formed by the Dark Warriors. The speed for the Vikings picked up, along with the quality of their tactics. As a result, the judge ruled the room a tie.

Room 3: Stadium

The epic conclusion to the battle commenced with a speed greater than either of the rooms before it. The armies were ready to go, throwing tactics at each other faster than ever. Throughout the course of the room, the Water Vikings showed off fantastic bombs and creative tactics. However, the Dark Warriors performed just as well, picking up their speed and their movement. The Warriors displayed strong word tactics in addition to this. To finish off the battle, the judge awarded the final room to the Dark Warriors.

The final results of the battle were released swiftly after the battle ended. The judge said the statement below about the results.

in this invasion, it was a VERY close battle. especially the second room. in the first room, i noticed DW’s quick speed and cleaner forms. they also had a bit of a size advantage over the vikings, in room 2, the size gap closed with WV catching up. i noticed that WV had had a lot of good successful bombs and coverings. i have decided for this room to give a tie because again, DW had a nice steady speed, and WV had nice bombings. in room 3, WV had entered first and had again, nice bombs, etc. i did in fact love DW’s split wipe, very unique. DW increased their speed especially with their word tactics. the sizes were close for this battle.

As a result of all this, the Dark Warriors were successful in their invasion with a 2-0-1 score. Congratulations to them and well done to Water Vikings! However, mere minutes after the battle concluded, both armies scheduled invasions on the other… what’s to come for the Black Seas War?

What do YOU think? How did this battle affect the war? What comes next for both armies? Let us know in the comments!

CP Army Hub Vice President


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