CPA Legend Silverburg Ripens Mangoes Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Mango Corps’ Nation – After a resurgence in activity from the Mangoes Corps, the army flourishes as they decorate a new leader among their ranks. The leader happens to be none other than CP army legend Silverburg. Why did Silverburg join, and what are his plans?

The Mango Corps were founded as far as May 2020 by army veterans Oliver, also known as Stare3000, and Smoke. Their first event on May 23rd saw sizes as great as 14 penguins. As the army continued to host events, Special Weapon and Tactics High Command and leaders Kailee and Ganger90, as well as a multitude of figures from several armies, joined the army, causing a drastic increase in sizes. In late July, the army engaged in conflict against the Recon Federation, but with the help of the Ice Warriors, the two armies prevailed and defended the Mangoes’ server of Ice Palace. Eventually, however, the army saw a decline in activity, and often missed a placing on the weekly Top Ten.

Mangoes’ opening event, maxing 14 penguins.

On November 11th, 2020, Mango Corps’ leader Panini announced the addition of Silverburg, a well-known figure in the Club Penguin army community, to their current leadership.

The announcement where Panini announces Silverburg as the newest leader, click to enlarge

Silverburg began his career as far as 2013 at the Rebel Penguin Federation and alternated between his home army and the Dark Warriors. At both armies, his talent as an AUSIA leader grew in popularity. Arguably, his talent rivaled the likes of Flipmoo’s Army of Club Penguin, which was reputable for their sheer force in the unpopular AUSIA division at the time. His achievements were celebrated with legend titles at both armies, and several occurrences on the annual legend ballot before receiving his official title in 2017 for the revival and dominance of the Rebel Penguin Federation on private servers. Silverburg is an influential figure to the private server community, paving the way for future armies. 

The Rebel Penguin Federation’s private server iteration under Silverburg’s leadership

A recent Mangoes event under Silverburg’s leadership, maxing 26

The announcement came as a surprise to some, as Silverburg is frequently associated with the Rebel Penguin Federation. To learn more about Silverburg’s plans at the Mango Corps, the CP Army Hub was fortunate to conduct an interview with him.

Your return is surprising to some of the community, what brings you back to armies, especially the Mango Corps?

Obesity is one of the greatest health crises we face in the modern day. For too long there have been armies like the Doritos and the Nachos who are dubbed after some of the most unhealthy foods you could eat. My decision to join the Mangos is a political protest against this, as we represent a healthier alternative to these carbohydrate eating fascists.

Apart from combating obesity, what other plans do you have in mind for the future of the Mangoes?

I plan to make some tweaks in our systems to make us the best army in the game. After seeing the success of the amazon gift card giveaways ACP did and how well they did against RPF in the FoF finals, I have decided to one-up them and offer free college tuition to all of my troops. Spending actual real life money on CP armies is super sweet and awesome, but investing in the troops futures? That’s priceless.

Thank you again for the interview and congratulations on Mangoes leader, do you have any final comments/remarks?

I have no doubt in my mind the Mangos will be number 1. Our troops are so skilled that even our lower ranks hold higher positions in other armies. A tropical storm is about to hit the community and its category 5 baby.

Alongside being apart of the Mangoes leadership, Silverburg is currently apart of the Rebel Penguin Federation’s advisory, so the two armies may share a greater relationship in the future. Since joining, the army’s most recent event maxed as great as 30 penguins, so time will tell how great the army will benefit from their newest addition. Will the Mangoes thrive with Silverburg as a leader?

What do YOU think? Will the Mangoes’ thrive under Silverburg’s leadership? Or will they fall short of their reforms? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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