Help Force Launch Community-Wide ‘Pina Colada Olympics’

ZIPLINE, Help Force Empire – On November 11th, the members of the Help Force made a rather unusual announcement. The announcement was the inauguration of a community wide Olympics gathering. Nicknamed as the “Pina Colada Olympics”, this tournament is open to all members of the community no matter what their army affiliations. The games were received with a lot of hype and excitement by the community. Most of the people are eager to participate in the games with their friends. What exactly is this tournament about? 

The Help Force is well known in the community for their pleasant disposition and innovative ideas. On November 11th, after a lot of anticipation and suspense, the Pina Colada Olympics commenced following an announcement in the Helpers’ Discord server. Barnito, Elp, Janez and Sharky together form the Pina Colada Olympics Committee, which is the group responsible for hosting the games. Even though the organizers hail from the Help Force, the Olympics is not a Help Force event. As highlighted in their announcement, any member of the community is eligible to participate in the tournament! This certainly is the defining factor of this championship, as it bypasses the boundaries of “armies” which people often define themselves by.

Elp announcing the Olympics’ kick off. Click to enlarge.

The purpose of the tournament is to unify the community in an activity that doesn’t involve battles. It was thus critical that the name of the tournament should be intriguing as well as not be reminiscent of armies. After much deliberation, the name was based off Elp’s favorite drink – a Pina Colada (the non-alcoholic version.) The tournament completely separate from armies. Anyone from the army community, as well as outsiders who aren’t from an army, can take part in it.

The Olympics is a very meticulously planned affair. The tedious amount of work put into it by the committee is noticeable in their Discord server. The gameplay, put in simple words, involves three-member teams participating in various events against other teams. Each team member plays against a member of the opposite team, and the winner is determined on a ‘Best of 3’ basis. The schedule is as displayed below.

Pina Colada Olympics’ game schedule.

The tournament even has its own Battlefy (a site for hosting tournaments), which enables players and spectators to track the events of each day. The schedule is flexible, which means it allows individual team members to meet and play the game whenever they are free. This certainly eliminates the pressure of logging on at a predetermined time, which may not be feasible for the players. This issue is often encountered in most of the army tournaments. However, if the teams fail to complete their game within two days of the brackets being released, they are given a specific time at which to meet and compete. After finishing the games, the players are required to provide screenshot proof of their wins and are allowed to update the Battlefy scores as well. The rewards for the final winners are numerous, and listed in the announcement below:

The rewards for the winners. Click to enlarge.

The main platform of the game is the Help Force owned CPPS ‘HFIsland‘. Although the committee does not prohibit the use of other CPPSes, they have released special Team Uniforms and custom Olympics rooms for the event, thus making HFIsland a favorable choice for all the teams.

On November 15th, the signups for the teams closed and the first brackets were revealed for the Sled Race and Dance Contest. Many of the teams have finished their first rounds, with quite a few strong performances. A total of 44 teams are registered, implying more than 100 participants in this massive gathering.

To gain an even deeper understanding of the Olympics, the CP Army Team reached out to Elp. However, no comments were made by the Pina Colada Olympics Committee member.

While the registrations for the Olympics have now closed, the committee still welcomes individuals who wish to spectate. This is one of the most exciting events that have occurred in this month, and a lot of the participants hope to win the Olympics. More importantly, in an unprecedented move, the members of the Help Force through their untiring efforts have brought together the army community irrespective of their army affiliations. The teams display a large variety of people, and various high profile figures from different armies are seen coming together as friends in an attempt to win. Truly, it is an amazing feat that has been accomplished by the Pina Colada Olympics Committee.

What do YOU think? Are you participating in the Olympics with your friends? Will you be rooting for one of the teams, as a spectator? Can this be the start of a brand new era of positivity and cooperation? Let us know in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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