Christmas Chaos X: Round One Results

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This weekend, the first round of the tenth Christmas Chaos tournament took place. Sixteen armies of all colors, shapes, and sizes battled it out during the tournament’s start. Who won the first matches?

The first day of the first round of battles started on Saturday, November 28th. The armies battling included Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, Special Weapons and Tactics, Island Invaders, Pizza Federation, Golden Troops, Fighter Pilots, and Silver Empire. Out of this lineup, which armies won their battles?

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Fighter Pilots

This battle was very fun to watch from all sides. The Rebel Penguin Federation and the Fighter Pilots were ready to go from the moment the first room was announced. Neither army came to play! The battle was hard-fought on both sides and it was truly an enjoyable first battle of the tournament. Despite the amazing tactics from both armies, there was a huge size difference between the armies. Though the Fighter Pilots put up a great fight, they were unable to overcome this size disadvantage — as a result of this, along with their amazing speed and high-quality tactics, the Rebels came out victorious.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

Island Invaders vs. Silver Empire

The next exciting battle was between the Island Invaders and the Silver Empire. With this match, the armies were eager and put on a great show for the judges and audience. The Silver Empire displayed a size advantage for the duration of the battle, which the Island Invaders were unable to overcome. In spite of the size difference, the Island Invaders still fought hard. At the end of the third room, the judges declared it a 3-0 Silver Empire victory as a result of their sizes and amazing formations and tactics.

Winner: Silver Empire

Ice Warriors vs. Golden Troops

Kicking off the next set of battles, the Ice Warriors went head to head with the Golden Troops. From the first room all the way through the third room, both armies put up a great fight. Despite this, the size difference between the armies was obvious immediately; the Warriors stayed around 50 while the Golden Troops maxed 6. The Golden Troops did not give up, though, and had a great performance even with their disadvantage. The judges ruled this battle a 3-0 Ice Warriors victory, citing their creative tactics and astounding size difference.

Winner: Ice Warriors

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. Pizza Federation

Saturday’s final battle saw Special Weapons and Tactics go head-to-head with Pizza Federation. This was a match that was not only entertaining, but that left some commentators on the edges of their seats! This battle was extremely close for just about the entire 30 minutes. The armies held very similar sizes through the battle. Despite the similarities, only one army could win, of course! Through some close calls and similarly astounding tactics, the judges ruled the battle a Pizza Federation victory due to their creativity and speed; however, there was a tie in the second room. Both armies put up a fantastic fight — there’s no counting them out!

Winner: Pizza Federation

The second batch of battles kicked off on Sunday, November 29th. The armies battling included the Help Force, Dark Warriors, Water Vikings, Wild Ninjas, Dark Champions, Red Ravagers, Doritos, and Secret Service. Which armies advanced to the second round?

Doritos vs. Red Ravagers

The first battle of the second day saw the Doritos of Club Penguin against the Red Ravagers. This battle was hard-fought on both sides and was a very interesting start to the day. Though the battle featured creative tactics from both sides, only one army could win. Doritos had a huge size advantage through all three rooms, helping them bring home the win and allowing them to proceed to the second round of the tournament.

Winner: Doritos

Water Vikings vs. Wild Ninjas

As the Doritos faced off against the Red Ravagers, the Water Vikings went head-to-head with the Wild Ninjas. This battle saw the two armies face off with valor, but a major size difference separated them. The Wild Ninjas were able to persevere and keep fighting; this was not enough to match the Water Vikings in size or speed. The Vikings took home the win at the end of the three rooms and advanced to the second round.

Winner: Water Vikings

Help Force vs. Secret Service

The second set of battles for the day kicked off with Help Force and Secret Service. These armies had an incredible size difference of 40+ from the beginning of the battle. The Helpers dominated the battle rooms, but Secret Service did not go down without a fight. The Secret Service moved along with Help Force, but were unable to defeat the Helpers. The size and speed of the Help Force gave them the win and the chance to move on to the second round of Christmas Chaos.

Winner: Help Force

Dark Warriors vs. Dark Champions

In a battle of the two dark armies, only one can come out on top. Dark Warriors and Dark Champions went toe-to-toe for the final battle of the weekend, displaying incredible tactics and a great performance. Though there was an immense size difference from the start, the Dark Champions were not to be counted out: their speed was astounding. However, they were unable to overcome this size disadvantage, leading to the Dark Warriors dominating the battle and progressing to the second round of the tournament.

Winner: Dark Warriors

At the end of the weekend, eight armies progressed to the second round of the tenth anniversary of Christmas Chaos. After two days, the advancing armies are Rebel Penguin Federation, Silver Empire, Ice Warriors, Pizza Federation, Doritos, Water Vikings, Help Force, and Dark Warriors. With the competition thinning, new armies will face off… who will come out victorious? We’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned and place your bets!

What do YOU think? Which battle was your favorite of the weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Vice President


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