S/M Top Ten Armies [12/20/20-12/26]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Where will the final Top Ten of 2020 place the armies of the small-medium community?

 1. Templars [32.00]

 2. Red Ravagers [28.22]

 3. Fighter Pilots [25.50]

 4. Golden Troops [25.00]

5T. Underground Mafias Army [23.50]

[NEW!] 5T. Elites [23.50]

 7. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [19.75]

 8. Crimson Guardians [19.50]

 9. Dark Champions [12.50]

 10. Clown Rebellion [10.50] 

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1. TemplarsThe Templars began their week with a no-land invasion against the Special Weapons and tactics, peaking at 24. They then held a second no-land invasion against the SWAT, this time hitting 23 online. They concluded the week with a Water Vikings battle that saw 22 Templars in attendance.

2. Red RavagersThe Red Ravagers prepared well for the holidays, hosting several fun events and seeing great numbers. First, they had a fun hide-and-seek event to start their week with eight participants. Then, the Ravagers hosted a Fashion Show, and sixteen wannabe models sought a chance to win. Balanacing out their festivities was an AUSIA training event, and 11 ravagers trained before the upcoming break. Finally, they held a practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin’s Training Regiment, maxing a strong 7.

3. Fighter PilotsThe Fighter Pilots held four whopping events this week! They kicked off their week with a joint elf event with the Golden troops where they maxed 14 pilots. Three days later, the Pilots held a fashion show where they maxed 14 penguins. The following day, the Fighter Pilots joined the Army of Club Penguin in a fun Christmas event where they maxed 5 pilots. For their final event, the Pilots held a practice battle with the Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment where the Pilots maxed 8 penguins.

4. Golden TroopsThe Golden Troops had a busy week this week, holding 4 consecutive events on the run up to Christmas. They kicked off their week on Sunday, holding a joint event with the Fighter Pilots, which saw the two armies dressing as elves and maxing 14. This was followed the next day by their own stamp event on CPR, which achieved 9 stamp collectors. The army’s third event, a staff-Lead on Tuesday, saw their biggest max of the week, reaching 15 troops online. Their final event, and only battle of the week, saw them max 9 against Silver Empire.

5T. Underground Mafias ArmyThe Underground Mafias Army held a total of 3 events this week. They began on Monday with an EU miner event, and reached a max of 13. On Tuesday, they held a training event, peaking at 11 troops. Their last event of the week was a US Christmas takeover, where they hit a max of 14.

5T. ElitesThe Elites had a holly jolly opening week with two events. On Sunday, they held a revival event, with 21 troops in attendance. Two days later, they saw a max of 10 at an elf takeover. Good luck to the Elites in their ninth generation!

7. Recon Federation of Club PenguinThe Recon Federation began their festive week with a Find Four event, with size of 7. A Christmas Tree and Move Night event followed and saw sizes of 7 attend again. A Santa Claus Event had 9 in attendance, while 6 came to a Cookie Baking event, and 8 to their Christmas Eve dinner. Finally, they held a recruitment event with 6 in attendance, and an Officer Speed Tactics contest with 9.

8. Crimson GuardiansThe Crimson Guardians had a short week, only holding 2 events. To kick off their week, a Christmas tactic practice took place on the 22nd, maxing only 4. To close out the week, the guardians said goodbye to Tsanami at her retirement event, maxing a total of 20.

9. Dark ChampionsThe Dark Champions had a slow week with just two events. First, they held an AUSIA training, which saw a max of 9 troops. Their second, and already last event before Christmas, was a pizza takeover with 5 champs in attendance!

10. Clown RebellionThe Clown Rebellion only held one event this week, a training event which had 7 clowns in attendance.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


Top Ten Committee Manager

Top Ten Committee

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