Cosmo’s Reappointment as Rebel Penguin Federation Leader

Blizzard, Club Penguin Armies Media HQ- Rebel Penguin Federation is an army that’s been around for years. Recently, the large army has needed a secondary hand in the AUSIA theater of their war with the Army of Club Penguin.

The current leader, Ultipenguinj has chosen to reappoint Cosmo as a Rebel Commander! Read about RPF’s voice down below:


  Interview with Rebel Commander Cosmo

conducted by BeanPea

CPAM: So Cosmo how long have you been in RPF?

Cosmo: almost 2 years and 5 months. I retired last year in May, I was rebel commander at the time, I took a break for a few months and in august I was again

CPAM: Why did you retire?

Cosmo: I retired because of my messed up sleep schedule, and to focus more on my studies. I was putting RPF ahead of my own life, and to fix that. So, I retired. Always remember irl > cpa

CPAM: I’m glad you realized that! So when you returned in August how did you work your way up the ranks?

Cosmo: Pretty much by doing what everyone is doing atm, recruiting, hyping up events and helping my army in any possible way

CPAM: That’s good leadership qualities! What was your initial reaction when you got promoted to rebel commander?

Cosmo: Well both of the times when I received Rebel Commander, I was excited of course, and happy that all the hard work is paying off. But with being a leader also comes up a big responsibility, so I’m excited about that as well. Hoping to lead RPF into straight victories.

CPAM: That sounds very promising for RPF, so as a new commander what fresh ideas do you have for the future of RPF and how do you plan to lead this army?

Cosmo: Well, everything’s better as a surprise isn’t it? Right now, number one priority is to see this war out, and where it takes us from here. Hopefully it has a positive effect on both of the armies

CPAM: I agree! So is there anything else you’d like to say before we end off?

Cosmo: Well i’d like to thank you for taking your time and interviewing me, fight the good fight


Additionally, we decided to speak with sitting RPF leader Ultipenguinj about his choice to reappoint Cosmo.


       Interview with Rebel Commander Ultipenguinj

conducted by Bean Pea

CPAM: So why did you decide to promote Cosmo?

Ultipenguinj: Cosmo’s got the experience of having been Rebel Commander before. In addition, he has been one of the sharpest 2ics I’ve had.

CPAM: With an additional Rebel Commander, are there any changes going to be made for RPF?

Ultipenguinj: There shouldn’t be any major changes in the day to day functionality of RPF, just more of an even split on the administrative side.


So there you have it, RPF appears to have a bright future with their new Rebel Commander, Cosmo!

What do YOU think about Cosmo’s reappointment? Did he deserve it? Should someone else had been made leader? Let US know in the comments at the bottom of this page.


Bean Pea

CPAM Reporter Trainee


CPAM Editor-in-Chief



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