CPAH Special Report: The One-Man Multilogging Operation Of Ganger90

Update: SWAT Leader Coolguy has released a statement expressing his shock at the situation and condoning the actions of his co-leader, Ganger90.

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Investigation’s Office – Following the Special Weapons and Tactics most successful week in their current generation, a one-man multilogging operation has been uncovered by the Army Hub administration. 

The Special Weapons and Tactics left the community in awe last Sunday after they climbed to the fantastic position of sixth in the major army listings. The best week of their current generation saw them pull a top size of 39 penguins in their invasion of the Superstars server Cozy. But it would appear SWAT creator and leader Ganger90 is more ambitious than he is principled. An investigation was launched by the CP Army Hub administration and the results proved most revealing. 

It is important to note that, as described in Flen’s announcement this week, the CP Armies IP addresses have been masked from both the game developers and administrators alike. While in previous multilogging investigations the raw IP addresses have been used to identify multilogging, Flen has now created an easier and more efficient way for multilogging activity to be discovered. A Discord bot linked to CP Armies can, on request, inform the administrators of penguin accounts that have been logged on with the same login IPs, but of course the IP itself cannot be seen and has been ‘hashed’.

The bot works in a way that it only shows the usernames of those penguins that share the same IP Address, and it does not show the IP even in a hashed form to the administrators. This bot works to only raise a suspicion of multilogging and will then have to be verified by Flen to confirm multilogging, and in this case, it’s been confirmed by Flen that the penguins discussed in this report share the same login IP at the time of the events in question. 

This is how this investigation came about, as it was discovered the account Ganger90 had the same login IP as two other accounts: Darkvibez and Parentsoohoe. Recent SWAT events were then checked, and we found on multiple occasions that one of these penguins were present online alongside Ganger90. On one occasion both penguin accounts were present online alongside Ganger90. The following pictures show these events, dating back to July 23rd.

While this evidence indicating multilogging from Ganger90 is very strong in itself, we decided to conduct further research on Discord. We unearthed that Darkvibez does not have a Discord account and that his identity has been an ongoing mystery in the army for some time now, for both the SWAT members and leadership. This raises the question: how does Darkvibez follow orders if he does not have a Discord account, and why does he not reveal himself?

Parentsoohoe has two Discord accounts on the SWAT server, and has sent a combined 11 messages since the June of this year. This comprised largely of a short conversation with Ganger90, where Parentsoohoe even stated Ganger was an “army legend for sure”. Leader Coolguy told the Army Hub that Parentsoohoe is a retired veteran that frequently attends events, and admits he hasn’t questioned their lack of Discord activity. 

It is clear that neither Coolguy nor Oli actually know the true identities of these two penguins that attend events regularly but never speak on the Discord server. Armed with all of this information and even more questions than before, we approached the man himself, Ganger90. 

He simply replied “Idk how that would be possible” when quizzed on the situation. When pressed further, he offered the following statement:

The CP Army Hub administration has taken into account the evidence and concluded that the Special Weapons and Tactics will receive a point deduction in the Top Ten Armies this coming Sunday. Despite Ganger’s denial, we deem there to be enough evidence in the form of the matching login IPs, supported by the Discord investigation. 

It seems a new week in this community brings yet another multilogging scandal for the Army Hub to address. Whether a person multilogs just one penguin, or an entire army, we will continue to fight against this illicit behaviour that threatens the sustainability of the army community. We politely request for those considering this approach not to: you will be caught, and the new bot will make this easier than ever before. And with that in mind, we’ll see you in the next one. 

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CP Army Hub Executive Producer


3 Responses

  1. Ganger just salty I made fun of his soundcloud


  2. While the storing of IPs in the DB is infact hashed (that’s default in Houdini asyncio btw now), the connection establishment via the client IP is stored in the redis cache.So administrators can view your IP. If you doubt the authenticity of my statement you can verify it yourself by running Houdini/Kitsune/anyCPPSClientInGeneral and checking it yourself.


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