Storm Couped From Coup Crusaders After Turning Against Colonizer Ice Warriors

WHITE HOUSE, Coup Crusaders Empire – In a recent series of events, the Coup Crusaders’ commander Storm was removed from the leadership after conspiring against the Coup Crusaders’ colonizers, the Ice Warriors.

Toxic Storm began his journey as a leader in the Coup Crusaders when the army was created. He led the army for a few weeks until he defaced the Coup Crusaders’ discord server (read more here). Despite his attempt to end the Coup Crusaders, he was rehired as a leader of the army once they were back up and running.

After leading the Crusaders for over two months, he was caught conspiring against the Ice Warriors, who colonized the crusaders, seeking to destroy them. The Coup Crusaders’ leadership was quick to remove Toxic Storm from his position after they uncovered this information. The current leadership of the Crusaders released a post explaining why Storm was fired and banned from the Coup Crusaders. An excerpt from the post is below:

The reason why he left, or better to say, the reason why he got fired from Coup Crusaders’ leadership, is for betraying the army itself. Storm attempted to put other small armies against Ice Warriors and their colonies, including Coup Crusaders. Storm will not be returning to Coup Crusaders due to his actions. He has also declared that he is retiring from CP Armies as a whole.

CP Army Hub obtained the following screenshot as evidence:

A conversation between Xing and Storm plotting to take down the Warriors.

The screenshot displays the interaction between Storm and Templars leader Xing, where he proposed that the Templars join an offensive to take down the Ice Warriors and its colonies.

CP Army Hub reached out to the Coup Crusaders leader Flav to get a statement regarding the removal of Storm.

We removed Storm from the Leadership team after a vote was held for his removal. A vote was held because he wanted to create a army that would combine small armies together to go up against the Ice Warriors. We were outraged when we heard of this, since we are an Ice Warriors colony. Storm has been a suspicious character for a while, defacing Coup Crusaders in the past and deciding to go lead other armies. We also saw was Storm trash talking Coup Crusaders. Storm will not be permitted to return to Coup Crusaders or any Ice Warriors colonies any time soon.

Storm’s contribution to the growth of the Crusaders was admirable and deserves a lot of respect. Unfortunately, his plot to take down the Ice Warriors, instances of suspicious behavior, and disrespect towards the army forced the leadership to evict him from his position. Can the Coup Crusaders continue to thrive in the army community in the same way as before after this regrettable loss?

What do YOU think? Will Storm return to lead the crusaders once again? Let us know in the comment section below!


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CP Army Hub Associate Producer


5 Responses

  1. Storm never returning


  2. Hope Storm comes back to the army community!


  3. A spark has appeared


  4. […] and Coolguy admitted that the Ice Warrior aligned leaders pushed for the coup d’etat. In an Army Hub report regarding his removal, it was revealed that Storm attempted to encourage Templar leader Xing to join his Coup Crusader […]


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