Coup Crusader Creators Condemns Current Generation

UPDATE: This post has been updated with a statement from Coup Crusader leader: Coolguy

WHITE HOUSE, Coup Crusader Capital – Yesterday, the original creators of the Coup Crusaders released a statement voicing their opinions on the current attitude promoted by the army.

Stevos, one of the three creators of the Coup Crusaders, along with Earthing and Olimad3 (with credited help from Catalyst) began their post stating how they recognise and respect the work each generation of Crusaders leaders have put in but believe that looking at the current generation, the army should be shut down.

As discussed, Stevos spoke about how the army was created as a joke and the intention was never to take the army or its events seriously. He made his first criticism towards the army saying:

What creator wants their army, their CREATION, to become a hub of bullying and causing hurt to others

Emphasising the fact that CC was created as a fun day-long-activity and, what they believe to be excessive bullying and unnecessary hatred, needs to stop immediately. He provided these screenshots as evidence:

Tactics performed by CC during various events.

Continuing on, Stevos spoke about how he and the other creators of CC were immediately muted and banned from the Coup Crusader Discord server after attempting to speak with the current leaders regarding their recent attitude and actions within the army community, further criticising the army on how they treat visitors and former members:

My army is not a place I want someone to be banned for just simply speaking up or asking questions.

Stevos provided screenshots of conversations between the other two creators who spoke about current CC leader, Coolguy, forcing Olimad to forfeit the ownership of the Coup Crusaders website over to him:

Olimad and Earthing discussing the change in ownership.

On top of the “disrespectful” behaviour, Stevos said that he noticed how, in other armies, creators of an army who are no longer leading generally receive an honourary role or rank to highlight the fact they are the founders. However, upon speaking to Coolguy about the idea of adding the role he responded with:

Stevos described this as “a leader doesn’t give a sorry excuse such as this one”, also showing that a Discord channel named “creator-chat” was created on the server, something which he believed was only there to further poke fun at the creators and continue the harassment.

Still providing evidence of direct actions toward the creators, he noted that none of the current Crusaders leaders would acknowledge that he created the army, instead saying that Catalyst was the creator or that it was a meme so they never officially created the army, despite it being written on the CC website that

Stevos circled back to the original statement that the army was initially a joke, however, Earthing, Olimad and Catalyst all wanted to try and turn it into a serious, successful army. This is something which he credits them for but after they all became inactive on the Discord server, he believes this is when the bullying and poor attitude was allowed to make its way into the army.

Finishing off his post, Stevos stated that he needs no reason to close down the army as it was, and still is, his creation and he is, therefore, able to do as he pleases with it. He did, however, provide reasons for his decision being that he believes that the Crusaders have become known as a “very toxic” army within the community with constant disrespect towards the Lime Green Army and Pizza Federation among others.

He concluded by saying “(the actions mentioned above) has given me no choice but to close down the CC”.

The events don’t end here, CP Army Hub was contacted by former Coup Crusader leader Flav who wished to provide a statement regarding the current situation:

Hello, I am Flav. I was a previous Coup Crusaders Leader and I am currently a staff member at the Ice Warriors. I would like to give my response and opinions to what has happened and been happening over the past few weeks.

This is not a statement from Coup Crusaders Leadership as a whole, but a personal statement from myself. Firstly, let’s start with the post released by the Coup Crusaders Creator, Stevos. Stevos created a post to be seen by Coup Crusaders leadership as a message.

Stevos explained first that the army was created for fun and was only meant to be open for a short while, which it was. And the army has turned into something it was not meant to be. Which is completely understandable.

Next, Stevos shows screenshots of Coup Crusaders using tactics against other armies which were seen as rude and “bullying”. I understand that this is a post to gain attention and give reasons for Coup Crusaders shutting down, but a lot of armies do tactics like this and their not to be taking to heart.

There is no need for reasons for closing an army you created, if you created it close it, you have every right to do so. In an interview at the Club Penguin Warfare Army League, Storm a previous leader of the Coup Crusaders said that he never did anything wrong, it was just Flav and Erick who made the “toxic” tactics.

Ironic, he is named Toxic Storm. Anyways, he portrays himself as the victim. Yet, we couped him for being suspicious, not leading and being anti-IW. Here are some things he said prior to us going up against the Water Vikings:

Stevos said Olimad was forced to give the site to Coolguy. But I am here to not only give a statement but the truth. I may support Stevos with his decision to shut the army which we will get to but the following screenshot shows that Olimad was not forced to give any website:

Stevos then shows in the post that Coolguy denied for the Creator role within the server to have honour, for example putting it to the top of the member list. However, the leadership did not know about this decision made by Coolguy, which we will get to shortly.

Stevos then gives the true history of the army. There are many different versions of Coup Crusaders history, many being false. The history that Stevos gives on the post is accurate. At the end of the post, Stevos declares that the army has shut down.

Now to what has been mentioned several times. Coolguy not telling us certain information and making decisions on his own. There were things revealed in the post that shocked the leadership and I. We saw that Coolguy made decisions without our input a lot of the time, but we didn’t realise what he was doing to the creators of the army.

Coolguy didn’t tell us that Stevos asked for an honour role or that he joined the server peacefully. He told us Stevos was only there to cause trouble, which seems to be not the case.

I also believe Coolguy used the Ice Warriors and Iceyfeet1234 himself. Coolguy used his friendship with Icey as an advantage to hopefully get Icey to say yes for Coup Crusaders to colonize under Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors have given Coolguy leaders, staff, troops and land.

But when Ice Warriors request anything in return, Coolguy makes a decision on his own to deny a request or give a small part of the request, for example, land transfers. It is clear to me and many of you, the Ice Warriors were used by Coolguy. Unfortunately, without the Ice Warriors, Coup Crusaders would have died a long time ago.

To conclude, in my opinion, Coup Crusaders should shut down upon the request of the creators. There have been many things thrown at me and other leadership. I have been a controversial person the past week. With my lies and my mistakes.

I understand a lot of people hate me, I could tell from the DMS sent to me. I have been on break since the previous incident. But I can assure you, this statement is truthful. I agree with one side on some things and the other side of other things.

Thank you for your time to read this very long statement but I had to release the truth of the ongoing situation if you have any questions feel free to dm me. I am no longer affiliated with the army.

Rumours have also circulated that Ice Warriors had planned to decolonise Coup Crusaders upon the army’s decision to close down.

CP Army Hub asked current Crusader leader Coolguy for a statement regarding the original post:

In the post, Stevos mentions that I ignored him and his “requests”. This, however, was not the case as I did make the role for him, even though it was approximately 2am when he requested it. Stevos’ friends also contacted me during the time to which I said why I would not give him server perms. I didn’t give him perms because he openly hated the server so obviously would want to deface it. I also said about this to leaders too, including Erick in dms.

Stevos claims we don’t recognise him or anyone else as the creator of CC yet the history page says different. This history page was updated before he even came back to Discord. Also, he claims he was banned/muted, Stevos and 2 others were muted, with the others being banned after trying to ping everyone and causing drama (I wasn’t even online at the time) The creator’s chat, I didn’t make, the drama I had to wake up to and they were banned, Stevos wasn’t.

There’s a lot of anger towards me but what did I really do? Just breathe? Flav claims I made decisions behind his back and always rejected IW’s requests but if you have seen CPAH, you will see that we have made multiple transfers to IW, even the community disrespect us for doing so. I don’t see where he can even say we reject their land transfer requests when the proof of the transfers are there.

Yes, we rejected ONE server transfer offer but we are allowed to, we’re a colony, an army, we’re a team but also, we are human. Flav also talked a bit more about me “using Iceyfeet and Ice Warriors” this is something I would NEVER do, even if I could do it, which I can’t, I wouldn’t. Flav did make a message “on behalf of IW” which was disrespectful and something that shouldn’t have been said at all. When I approached Icey about this message, he also agreed this was wrong and such things shouldn’t have been said. Trying to blame things on 1 person is wrong and this post will not display what’s right or what’s wrong. Nor will it express people’s true thoughts, but that’s life.

Yes, mistakes were made but from both sides. I’m not going to lie when I say there’s been a lot of things mentioned that we cannot explain due to the size of this statement but I will say that things are never what people want you to believe they are.

No this is not hate speech, no I am not hating on any person or any army. I am simply responding to the claims put against me. I give my upmost respect to IW and it’s leaders, as well as the people who have supported us. For those who spread lies and hate…karma will come to collect its debt, this is something that is inevitable.

Thanks to CPAH for allowing me to make these comments and to those who continue to support us, who never turn on us, who know our struggles and pains, who knows the harassment we have received, through the bot raids against us and the threats made towards me and everyone else in CC.

We are human yet are subjected to such things? How can a person even begin to think to try and do that. I have been in the community for many years and it’s always been filled up with the youth. While I may not be a spring chicken, I will speak for those in the community who are young, how could you raid with threats, how could you threaten leaders, use inappropriate language, make inappropriate jokes and much more knowing that this community is built on the young people.

We were young once too but nothing like this should ever be done.

While the status of the army is currently unknown, it is safe to say that conflicting belief regarding an army’s future is a recipe for debate. Will the Coup Crusaders live to see another battle?

What do YOU think? Will the Crusaders turn a new leaf? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


4 Responses

  1. Flav just wants to make a scene, since he couldnt control CC as he wanted . Good job flav 👏


  2. Also the statement made behalf of IW, wasn’t something I wrote. I wrote the statement alongside some other IW leaders and LiTs


    • Yh good job trying to make me look bad and causing drama when i specifically asked to not mention me and erase me from cpa history after my retirement, yet you had to be the hero that ruins everything 👏👍


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