[YouWrite] Spilled Milk with Red Ravagers Leader Honda

POOKIE’S BASEMENT, CP Army Hub Prison, Writers’ Chamber – The imprisoned troops in Pookie’s basement are proud to present the first edition of Spilled Milk with host Sun Hunter Jacob S. and this week’s visitor from the outside world, Red Ravagers leader Honda!


Welcome to the latest CPAH article, Spilled Milk, where I will be narrowly avoiding the electric chair for this week by writing this article! In this state of prolonged torture called a series, I interview members of the CP Army community and get some insight into their time here, their opinions on recent issues, and how I might be able to escape from this prison known as writing for CPAH. So, you might be wondering who we’re interviewing today, in which case you’d likely be illiterate, as it’s right there in the title. But just in case you didn’t notice it before, today we’re going to interview the man, the heavily-bullied myth, the not-quite legend: Red Ravagers leader Honda!

Through the constant hate that he receives daily from enemies and allies alike, he has most certainly made his own special mark on the army community! Where did he get his start in CP Armies? What’s his favorite meme from the Red Ravagers? Why should we vote for Honda as S/M Army Legend? Find out all that and more in this week’s edition of Spilled Milk!

Good checks clock evening to you, Honda. Today I’ll be asking you a few questions! To start off, would you please introduce yourself to all the folks at home?

Well uh hi I’m Honda, I lead RR and I host too many events. I’m also Canadian and that’s my only feature.

LOL! What an accurate description! Let’s start off at the beginning, shall we? First of all, how did you start off your CP Armies career?

Well I started about idk 6-7 months ago in the Rebel Penguin Federation as a private and made my way up the ranks at a smooth pace being a fairly consistent troop. I later on left RPF for a small army that was yet to make a comeback named Dark Bandits. I made a huge acceleration in the ranks proving myself to be a worthy staff member with my mass recruiting and event attendance, before the army had its sad shutdown after only a few weeks I had been made 4ic where I started to come into talks with another former RPF troop Maxine who was also in Dark Bandits as a 2ic. She had proposed the question if I would like to help her create an army. Of course I accepted and now we have what is known today as the Red Ravagers!

Oh wow, so you’ve been in armies for quite a while, huh (Almost as long as I’ve been in this basement, please send help)? Now, why did you and Maxine make the Red Ravagers, despite both being leaders in the Dark Bandits?

Well Maxine and I never lead the Dark Bandits but were some of the major helps alongside Zamb, Bri, and a few others. Maxine and I made the Red Ravagers because we believed we could provide a great leadership for all of our troops and that it would be a great place for people to come hang out. I personally believe we achieved what we wanted out of the army and so much more. We’ve given ourselves a good name around the CPA community as a dominator in the Major Top Ten and are gonna continue to do so.

Well said! I can certainly tell that the Red Ravagers have a great sense of community to them. Speaking of the Red Ravagers community, what are your favorite memes from your time with the Red Ravagers?

Pfft theres too many to count, I’d say one that pops up a lot is everyone tryna coup me or maybe even the man himself Balto. Balto’s quite the legend in RR. So I’d have to give it to Balto.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Balto, but I can say that the Coup Honda meme is hilarious (No offense). What kinds of activities do you enjoy in real life?

 Well I play a fair amount of American football in my spare time along with just simple things like video games with my friends and going for walks.

Nice! What kinds of video games do you enjoy?

I play 2K, CoD, racing games and like GTA.

Oh, so you like the more action-packed games, huh? Neato! What is your stance on the Red Ravagers’ allies?

I love our allies, we bring some people who you wouldn’t expect together, we’ve had some of our IW allies ACP allies and DCP allies at the same events which well, you wouldn’t think you’d ever see. Oour allies are a great part of RR and we love having them around.

Very true. However, it seems that some armies aren’t all too happy with allies attending your events; how do you feel about the Romans denouncing the Red Ravagers for encouraging their allies to attend their events?

I believe that they can do as they please and it is what it is but they have no final say in what we do. They may have banned their troops from enlisting into RR and Romans but that’s no loss for us. We still fully encourage people going to allies events and allies coming to each others events. Allies can have more than one purpose. So we help ours they help us it doesn’t matter who you are, you can go to whoever’s events you please. If there are people who say otherwise, so be it.

Yes, I fully agree! While we’re on the subject of other armies, why do you think that other armies bully you in their tactics so much?

I love it, I’ve fully embraced that I’m the greatest judge to ever judge DCP vs IW.

If you wouldn’t mind being more specific, what are your favorite “Honda” tactics from other armies?

Honda says you’re covering” for sure. 10/10 would judge again

LOL! That’s extremely hilarious. I’m pretty sure that I was at that battle! We should start wrapping this up, so I have a few more questions for you

Ask away sir!

What would a normal day look like for you as a leader of the Red Ravagers, and what are some of your responsibilities as leader?

Well typically chat is pretty tame so I don’t have to monitor it 24/7 especially with our amazing staff we have. Responsibility wise I do a majority of our CPA negotiations with Max’s feedback always in mind. Making sure to ping for allies if they ask, attending allies events and just making sure all of our events are ready and prepared for the day prior.

I’m aware that a certain individual in the Red Ravagers plays Hamilton all the time, and that it can get quite annoying at times! So, my next question for you is, approximately how many times have you listened to Hamilton in the Red Ravagers server?

Me personally? Zero times. The others in the server? I’d say a minimum of 10 times each.

Yeah, that’s probably accurate. I’ve probably listened to Hamilton in the Red Ravagers server at least 14 times! Alright, last question: Hot Bean Juice or Hot Leaf Juice?

I- what uh, hot bean juice? OH YOU MEAN COFFEE OR TEA. I take tea over coffee every day!

Is there anything else you’d like to add before we wrap this up?


It’s always a pleasure talking to you, Honda! Thanks for this interview!

No problem, come back anytime.

Well, there you have it, folks! As a major army leader, Honda certainly has quite a bit on his plate; and so everybody, with that concludes this week’s edition of Spilled Milk! Tune in for next week’s Spilled Milk with yet another CP Armies community member!

What do YOU think of the Red Ravagers’ beloved leader and his choices of sports, games, and drinks? Who do YOU want to see interviewed next? Let me know in the comments below!

Jacob S.
CP Army Hub Sun Hunter

CP Army Hub Vice President


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  1. LOL i love this!! good job getting this formatted cassie!


  2. Great post Jacob!


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