Prior Rumbled: SupremePower Releases Recon Federation Exposé

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Former Recon devotees Shallissa and SupremePower have released a tell-all exposé of the Recon Federation and its infamous leader, Prior Bumble.

Warning: The following article contains highly sensitive topics. Read at your own discretion. 

There is no doubt that controversy and drama seems to orbit the Recon Federation and their notorious leader Prior Bumble, with the latest developments in this shocking story proving to be no exception. Just days ago, former Recon Higher Command members Shallissa and SupremePower departed from their army for the Templars, with Shallissa assuming a leadership role. This came after the RFCP-Templar alliance broke down in a shocking fashion, due to the RFCP’s treatment of Shallissa and “the grooming of Templar leader Otter”. 

However, the latest twist in this story sees the loved-up pair bare their truth of life inside the Recon regime – warts and all. SupremePower has created a dedicated website that details their experience at the Recon Federation and with its leader, who they once valued as a very close friend. SupremePower states he forced Shallissa to give him two-factor authentication of her Discord account as “she was struggling mentally”. From here, he proceeded to collect an array of screenshots to make the website on his own.

I have a lot to say and I feel it is easier to share this with the community in website form with categorized topics in individual articles. My goal here is to expose Prior Bumble and all of his wrongs, so he is forced to take accountability for what he has done. I want the community to be aware of what he has been hiding and what kind of person he truly is. Another goal being to turn this sad experience into a learning lesson for every individual reading this. I hope no one ever goes through what Sha and many others went through at the hands of Prior Bumble.

Their story, told in SupremePower’s own unfiltered words, is split into eight sections, complete with an introductory page that unmasks SupremePower as former People’s Imperial Confederation leader LuckyLuigi. Ironically, LuckyLuigi/SupremePower was previously engaged in a brutal war with the Recon Federation, back in May. This conflict far-transcended the Club Penguin battlefield as it witnessed ‘dox’ threats and heated flame posts from both sides.

The article topics regarding RFCP and leader Prior Bumble.

One of the scandalous exposé articles details Shallissa’s “Abuse From Prior Bumble“, which SupremePower describes as “bullying into a form of submission”, resulting in an extremely ‘traumatic’ 15 months and even two hospitalisations. The other seven articles include multiple allegations and a plethora of screenshots.

Conversations between Prior Bumble and Shallissa.

Prior Bumble has been contacted for a statement of reply, and this post will be updated upon a response.

This dramatic event follows a relatively quiet week for the Recon Federation, who have only held two events amid the internal and external conflict. This was a practice battle against the Dark Warriors, at which the Federation were able to obtain a modest size of 17 penguins. Friday evening saw the army host a celebration party for Prior Bumble becoming a newly inducted CP Army Legend. With the entire army community invited, the Ice Warriors raided the celebrations and a total of 98 online users was recorded.

The RFCP vs. Dark Warriors battle.

This shocking exposé will surely be a huge blow to both the Recon Federation and its leader Prior Bumble. Will Shallissa and SupremePower get the closure they need to move on? Or will Prior be out for revenge? The CP Army Hub will continue to monitor this rapidly unfolding situation and provide you with the latest developments. 

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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