Chainpro Couped From Templars Leadership

Update: A statement from Chainpro has been included.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – Following their disputed battle against the Recon Federation, the Templars saw another controversy take place as Chainpro was couped from leadership. This decision, following right after the long war, certainly came as a shock to many.

The Templars were founded on April 4th, 2018, by Xing. Shortly after their creation, the Templars were led by Xing and Elmikey and saw great success. The army was immediately engulfed in a conflict with the Elite Guardians in which they emerged victorious. However, soon after, the army was defaced and remained dormant for quite some time. The army was then revived on August 26th and has survived since. Recently, the Templars engaged in war with the Recon Federation and have been hitting stunning sizes of 30+. At the same time, the army was also voted out of the CP Army Hub league by other army representatives.

A recent Templars event

Chainpro has had quite a rough history within the community. On August 14th, 2020, Chainpro was inaugurated into the Water Vikings leadership before being quickly removed on August 15th. He then became a Templars leader on August 26th and was one of the most prominent leaders during the RFCP-EGCP war. However, if he played such an important role, why was he couped? To find out the reasoning, the CP Army Hub staff decided to question Templars leader Xing about the coup and was provided with the following:

we banned him because he condoned the acts of cena and canc while supporting them in a groupchat that was made to try and get sha banned from templars because of cancs hatred for sha. simply put we banned him for supporting the people who were trying to get another leader who was doing very well. and the follow up was that canc started to harass sha and supreme on social media. now the entire army community can see how violent canc is. nonetheless, canc couldnt do anything harmful in templars anyway. i knew something was going to happen, i had admins on high alert. i always told them to keep alert if anything suspicious happened in the army and to ban the perpetrators. although chain did somewhat well in templars, we value the mental health of other leaders and their irl priorities other than sizes on a penguin game and it went to show that chain clearly supported the acts his friends were getting into. he will claim that i was trying to “dictate” his friendships when i clearly told him that what his friends were doing were wrong to do to a woman. calling sha a pig and making fun of supreme’s failed attempted suicide. although he did condemn them in a templars post, he didnt seem to do anything yesterday when the continued harassment of them both ramped in intensity. holy council along with the grand priors feared that his continued association with canc wouldve hurt the templars internally. thankfully, he was removed as soon as possible due to his actions.

To find out his side of the story, CP Army Hub reached out to Chainpro for a statement regarding the situation:

Here I was, eating my delicious dinner that I have cooked up myself. I gobbled it down with a hot cup of tea, and I made my way to my bedroom to turn on my computer. Upon turning it on, I realized that I have gotten countless messages from both my friends and Templars HCOM: “CHAIN WTF HAPPENED DID YOU GET COUPED?”. It seems like everyone was just as confused as I was, so I reached out to multiple people in Templars and they didn’t know what happened. I reached out to Xing to see if he had any information and he basically told me that Templars “had a vote” and kicked me out of the leadership. When I asked him why, he kept telling me very vague things like “Sha and Supreme gave me evidence” and “We know what you did”. I kept asking him what the evidence was and he never given me any, leading me to believe that this was mostly his idea, influenced by Sha and Supreme. Over the course of these “harrassment” incidents, I have not taken part in them whatsoever. Xing, Sha, and Supreme state that because I was simply in the group chat, means I fully support and condone what is going on within the group chat itself. Now Xing, you wouldn’t want me showing everyone that screenshot of that group chat you were in with Anonting would you? Anonting has been doxing and collecting IP addresses of so many victims, including numerous high-profile RFCP members. He even was working on a dox for Emcee, a hard worker of CPAH, but thank goodness the dox didn’t turn out to be accurate at all. Anyways, basically Xing Sha and Supreme dislike me because of the actions of other people. Sha even threatened me in DM’s that if I don’t leave CANC (a friend group that cares about each other very much and supports each other) then I will never be allowed in Templars again. Obviously I chose the friends that had my back for so long, instead of those who fired me for stupid reasons and probably wouldn’t have my back in times of need. I personally don’t think Templars will look too great if Xing keeps doing what he’s doing. While I do respect him for his efforts in TCP, he is retired and he is making so many stupid impulsive decisions. For example, without HCOMs knowledge, he literally scheduled a practice battle with Ice Warriors while we were maxing 15. The Ice Warriors. And then he scheduled an ausia practice battle with the Ice Warriors as well… in which we maxed 3 to their 35+? There were quite a few people who were upset by these battles, and some even left the Templars due to embarrassment. Xing made another impulsive move last night by banning me the minute Sha/Supreme told him that I was “harrassing” them… which I wasn’t. I never got to defend myself, and I never got to see what went down in Templars. My apologies if I sound harsh in this message, but I am just astonished as to what happened in such a short span of time and I am a little bit upset with Xing. He told me just yesterday that I was the future of the Templars… and maybe an hour later I got banned and couped within a blink of an eye.

There is no doubt that Chainpro was a key player in the war with the Recon Federation and a great leader. However, he was couped due to supporting a CANC, a group with questionable actions. How will the Templars fare after the loss of Chainpro? Only time will tell.

What do YOU think about the coup? Was it justified? How will the Templars cope with this loss? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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  1. The holy council never said that lol. But the council would not of liked his involvement with CANC anyways if he were to stay in it.


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