What If: The Original Club Penguin Never Shut Down

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – On March 29th, 2017, Club Penguin shut its doors to players all over the world, leaving them nostalgic as they parted ways with the game. This in turn led to several popular Club Penguin armies shutting down. Their leaders reasoned that the shutdown of the game was the direct implication of the end of armies. However, a few army members came together to breathe life into armies and operate on Club Penguin Private Servers. Soon, the community was reborn and a new league arose. The events that followed are well known history, with new friendships, legends, rifts that led to a split into two separate factions of armies and so on. Later, efforts from some of the more farsighted pioneers saw a re-unification, finally bringing in peace to the community. This was the move that shaped armies as we know them today. Now, consider a very interesting scenario:

What if the original Club Penguin had never shutdown?

Armies today would be much more different. The biggest and the most important difference would be the platform we use. Private servers, like Club Penguin Rewritten and Super Club Penguin, were unable to become as popular as they are today during the era when Club Penguin was still open. There player base was so small that no army would even consider making it their primary game. Moreover, armies could never leave the original game, as it had a huge emotional value for their members. Perhaps it is not needed to be said but armies would have continued to operate on Club Penguin, as they were.

“Waddle on!” – Disney’s last message to the players.

A huge disappointment is in store for those who support the idea of unity between all armies: there would be a split into two types, Discord and Xat armies. People generally tend to disagree with this point. Some believe that armies would never leave Xat. Others say that the move to Discord was next on the bucket-list and was only hindered for a little while by the shutdown. However, that in itself supports the theory of the existence of different type of armies. The community would probably fret over the option of using the much more modern and advanced Discord, or sticking to their comfort zone and continuing on Xat. Therefore, there would exist a distinctive divide between armies based on which platform they used.

Speaking of divides, the huge blowout that occurred in the community over the use of Club Penguin Online and Club Penguin Rewritten is now a thing of mockery. With the original game still operational, none of the armies would even have made the move to the CPPS’ in the first place.

Take a moment to recall the army scenario of March 2017, when Club Penguin was scheduled to close. This month saw several legendary armies being revived, to pay homage to their beloved game in its dying moments. Suddenly, it is announced that Club Penguin would stay open. Legendary armies like the Nachos, the Light Troops, Thugs, and the Army Republic would still be alive and kicking. Many of the major armies of that era would max between 30 to 50, which is quite good considering the much smaller player base of that era.

Light Troops maxing 50+ in their Legends Cup VIII finals against Thugs and Nachos.

Doritos maxing 50+ in their final event before the shutdown.

Bluesockwa2, one of the pioneers of the second golden age of armies, said in his final post:

“Removing “Club Penguin” from “Club Penguin Armies” destroys the very thing that makes us unique. It tears apart the very fabric of Club Penguin Armies to remove them from the game in which they were born and by which they have been constrained for the past 11 years.”

His words imply that if Club Penguin had not shutdown, armies would have continued playing as normal. A poll on CP Army Central, titled “Will you miss armies vote”, had a whopping 861 people vote yes, while only 238 voted no. Another post on the CP Army Central site conveyed the willingness of many armies to move to Club Penguin Rewritten. The call for the move was motivated by the urge to not let the beautiful community that had been created just die out. Army members did not wish to leave the armies that had become their home over the years. Thus, it can be said that almost all of people who were around in the 2017 generation would be here to mingle with the new generation. A quick scroll through the posts and comments on the CP Army Central is enough to convince anyone of the validity of this hypothesis.

Army Republic maxing 40 plus.

The culture of the modern generation varies hugely from the old generation. Aspects like war reasons, league rules and such wouldn’t be the same as they are today. The old media giant CP Army Central would still be alive, acting as the most influential news organization and league. The Bluesockwa Brothers would check in from time to time, just as they did in 2017. CP Army Central was the organization that operated the way armies ran in 2017, and there would be no reason for them to change their methods. Thus, even the way the armies ran, and the league itself, would be much different today.

The way we battle today is considerably different from the method of warfare of the old generation. It can be safely said that advanced things like elaborate movements, and fast paced tactics wouldn’t be in practice had Club Penguin remained open. Most veterans are opposed to changes in the way armies operate. They had spent years battling their enemies in their own unique way. In their view, the method they used is perfect. Of course, not all veterans have the same mindset. Some old major armies even had creative Higher Command members that produced new ideas for the army to carry out on the battlefield. However, the warfare of this generation would be much more similar to the old style than it is today.

One of the most infamous practices of that era were multilogging and bot-recruiting. Bot recruiting is when members use autotypers or bots to recruit from the game for hours on end. Despite the Club Penguin staff being voraciously against this form of recruiting, armies used it persistently, resulting in mass bans. However, Club Penguin never actively displayed aggression against armies themselves. Armies would thus shoot themselves in their own feet by constantly violating the rules. Recent times saw a much more strict moral code take place in the army community, so it might have led to better relations with the Club Penguin team, thus making it the ideal base for armies.

The most exciting possibilities of this scenario has to be the huge amount of players that would have thronged the game. With the lockdown being put into effect due to COVID-19 around the world, millions of old and new players visited the game this year to relive their memories. Combining the successful older generation’s experience and the hard-working ethic of the 2020 generation, the chances of January 2020 beginning the biggest Golden Era of armies ever are quite high. An example is the top army of this year, the Rebel Penguin Federation. Despite the original Club Penguin shutting down, the Rebels continued on as though nothing had happened, recruiting and building up their server base from not just CPPS’ but other games such as Roblox and Minecraft. This in turn led to their huge sizes and helped them grab the top spot in the league. But had the game never shutdown, other armies would have also grown to similar proportions, thus giving the champions some serious competition for the top spot.

The Rebels maxing 25 in March 2017 – strong then, stronger now!

Let’s take a look at one of the most important events of the CPPS history – the World War Rewritten. The famous war that occurred between Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation, and their respective allies. Not many armies participated in this controversial World War. However, if armies were unified as they had been during March 2017, many more armies would be involved in the war. One of the most important results of World War Rewritten was the introduction of judges. But during the old generations, armies saw lots of similar battles. Both sides would claim victory, with no mediator in existence who could verify either army’s claim. The introduction of a judging system never took place despite this inconvenience. So, the probability of a judging system being created to resolve the hot headed quarrels over battle results would be quite low. (Rip Judges).

The possibilities in the scenario of Club Penguin never being shutdown are endless. With the jaw dropping increase of players this year, it is certain that Disney would not have thought about a shutdown for many more years to come, preserving the memories of the players. But most importantly, our friends from the old generation would still be around to keep the party alive. While it is a regrettable loss, all we can do is move forward and enjoy the time we have left in armies.

This marks the end of the first “What If” column. If you have any questions that you think are a great choice for this column, please DM Scorpion Demon.

What do YOU think? Do you support the theories written above? Or do you have an entirely different prediction of your own? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments section below!  

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief

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  1. interesting read!


  2. thanks kally!


  3. one of the things that I didn’t want to discuss in a post is the amount of toxicity that might have been carried over, as you can never really predict things like that. Really depends on how the people react to such things


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