USSR Marches Back into the Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Empire – The army community has witnessed many re-openings and revivals this month. One of them is the return of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of CP.

The USSR was created on July 16th this year by Satchmo, 54x, and Aisha. Many of their members thought that it was a joke army. However, they proved to be far from that. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics verified as a small/medium army early in July. Since then, they hosted regular events on until the army shut down in August.

The USSR’s creation event.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was revived by Roman, Crisy, and Satchmo on October 19th, 2020. Later that day, the USSR hosted their revival event on CP Armies, maxing 15 penguins. Many new and old faces appeared for the revival event. The USSR became an official army once again on October 20th, 2020.

The USSR Revival Event

The Club Penguin Army Hub was able to reach out to Satchmo for an exclusive interview on his thoughts on the revival.

When did you start thinking about reviving the army?

When romanarmy came to me asking if he could revive USSR, he had dm’d me asking if he could revive it with crisy and I said sure. I had no intention of reviving it until he came to me.

As one of the creators of the USSR, how excited are you for this revival?

I’m pretty excited about the revival and I can’t wait to see what roman and crisy do with USSR.

What is planned for the future of the USSR?

I think USSR can accomplish a lot. I believe we can be a top S/M Army. I also believe we can win lots of practice battles and maybe even a few wars, who knows.

Is there anything else you would like to add?


Satchmo believes there’s a lot in store for the future of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This revival clearly brings back joyful memories for the old members of this army. It will be interesting to see how they move forward after being verified.

What do YOU think? Will the army return to its former glory? Comment YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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  1. Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь! :salute:


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