CPAH Special Report: The Crooked Chip

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Investigation’s Office – The tale of a single stale Dorito is one filled with cheating, lying and betrayal. It’s crunch time for main leader 32op. 

The Doritos, infamous for scandal, have been free from controversy since their revival in late October. Their return to the community was exclusively covered by CP Army Hub, and saw the leadership expressing their desires to exist drama-free and peacefully as opposed to the previous incarnation. Recent discoveries, however, would suggest otherwise. 

The administration was alerted to the Doritos deception during a routine multilogging check earlier this week. An investigation was launched in collaboration with Developer Superhero123, who verified and confirmed the administration findings. It was discovered that the account 32op has the same IP login address as the five accounts: Bobby1, TiffanyPlayz, Orange1, Mannyv2 and Ariana5.

The multilogged accounts linked to 32op’s main penguin.

The full results of the investigation were as follows: 

  • November 10th: 32op, Orange1 and Mannyv2 were all online and pictured together. 
  • November 12th: The accounts 32op, TiffanyPlayz, Orange1, Mannyv2 and Ariana5 were online. While the first four can be found in a room together, the penguin Ariana5 cannot.
  • November 14th: An AUSIA battle against the ACP saw 32op, Orange1, Bobby1, Mannyv2 and TiffanyPlayz online. 
  • November 16th: 32op, Mannyv2, Orange1 and Bobby1 were seen online at the same time. 
  • November 18th: Accounts 32op, Bobby1, Orange1, TiffanyPlayz and Mannyv2 were present. 

Click to enlarge.

It would appear this pattern of multilogging dates back to the previous Dorito generation too. The following picture dates September 5th, and the multilogged accounts Ariana5, Orange1 and Mayo1 were kept online but outside of the battle room, so they could be added to the Doritos “!size DCP” count. Mayo1 has not been used since the Doritos September closure.

The multilogged penguins outside of the battle room.

The findings from early September.

To support the findings, the Doritos November 18th event was monitored closely by Executive Producer Max. The following screenshots, pictures and videos were taken during said event, and conclusively show the accounts online together in the same room. 

The three multilogs last to log off.

Further investigation into these penguin accounts revealed that all five had been submitted into the Army Hub’s account approval request channel by 32op himself. While this alone is not conclusive, it certainly supports the IP login evidence shown above. More digging on the Doritos Discord server showed that the multilogged penguins had not been mentioned a single time, which is very strange for such active members. There was also no sign of these accounts reacting to the post-event ‘React if you attended’ message. 

The administration confronted 32op with the evidence collected. He originally denied multilogging, but he eventually confessed. While the Army Hub condemn his actions, we applaud him for taking accountability and ownership of it. 

Those accounts were associated with me. I’d like to apologize for mulitlogging. I decided to mulitlog just to increase the size for events. However, I now realize how impulsive and foolish of me for doing so. None of the leaders or the army knew, so I take full repsonsibility for my actions. I hope to learn from this mistake and prevent from doing this mistake again. Thank you.


The evidence unearthed in this investigation has led to an administration conclusion that 32op is guilty of multilogging at least six accounts at multiple events. Because of this, the Army Hub is enforcing a deduction in this week’s Top Ten Armies, and the multilogged accounts will be taken off the event maximum size. Because 32op confessed and took responsibility for his actions, the Doritos will still be able to compete in the upcoming Christmas Chaos tournament. 

Barely two weeks into their new generation, the Doritos have already tainted their fresh start with a shocking multilogging operation. 32op has now stepped down from his position as Doritos Leader, but what lies next for the army? With so many unknowns, one thing is for sure: cheaters will never prosper and will always be held accountable for their actions. Until the next one, this is Max signing off.

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


2 Responses

  1. Whenever an army affiliated with DW multilogs, yall go ham on their ass, but when DCP does it multiple times for themselves, you take no action as 32op “owned up to his actions”. When he denied it originally. But when the person who multilogged for DW (who wasn’t even a DW troop) multiloggs once, and admits immediately, you declare DW (who did nothing wrong) as the losers.


  2. This really is true, the community is really biased. 32op owned up to it constantly denying it but when someone multi-logs for another army like DW they loose everything. DCP should be kicked out of the CC tournament because who knows if we can trust DCP. They still can multi-log under the system. It’s so corrupt. Tired of the biased in this community and DCP should be kicked out of CC.


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