Army of Club Penguin Concludes Flash Nemesis War with Force Treaty

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Empire – After five long days of conflict, the Flash Nemesis War finally came to a close. What occurred during the final battle and what is included in the force treaty between ACP and SWAT?

The Flash Nemesis war started on December 26th, when the Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics. Following the declaration, the two armies battled for Cozy, Hockey, Avalanche, Lucky, Nevisca, and Mittens, where the Clovers were able to win every single room; with a 7-0-0 lead.

At 9AM EST, the Clovers entered the Recycling Plant on the server Mittens. The Army of Club Penguin bombed the room before quickly entering a V form with an underline. However, no SWAT troops came to defend their land. The Clovers proceeded to mock the army, saying “GANGER 90 LOSSES”. Due to no SWAT troops appearing to defend their land, the Army of CP were able to take the final piece of land from SWAT.

The battle for the occupation of Mittens.

Following the battle, the Clover Defenders released their treaty with SWAT. The Flash Nemesis War Treaty declared that SWAT cannot invade the Clovers, nor can they assist in any invasion against the Army of CP. Furthermore, the Army of CP will not assist the Pizza Federation in their war against SWAT. This treaty is set to expire on March 31st.

The Flash Nemesis War Treaty, click to enlarge.

CP Army Hub Staff contacted the Clovers leader, CSY, to learn more about the treaty and the reasoning behind it.

As both SWAT and ACP leaders discussed not being big fans of the force treaty system, I decided to try and potentially discuss a treaty with SWAT. Albeit the history of animosity, we were both able to set our differences aside and agree on a treaty, which essentially would guarantee a period of non-aggression towards my army following our victory. In addition, noting the previous PZF-SWAT conflict, and both sides expressing a need to rebuild during the post-flash era, SWAT also agreed to a 2 month peace period with our allies.

The CP Army Hub team also reached out to Aubz, SWAT’s leader, for a statement regarding the treaty.

To be honest the treaty is the least of our worries, with flash dying and stuff we have been working towards a transition to a new cpps. Congratz to ACP for treatying us right before flash died.

The end of this conflict surely was abrupt and unexpected. The Flash Nemesis War Treaty is set to expire on March 31st. Moreover, the holiday treaty between Pizza Federation and SWAT has now expired, as of January 1st. With the transition into new CPPS, it begs the question, how will SWAT proceed in this war turmoil?

What do YOU think? Will the treaty be extended past March 31st? How could this treaty impact the Weapons and Toppings war? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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