BREAKING: Templars Declare War on Recon Federation

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – Only days after seeing former Recon Federation staff members flee to the Templars, the army decided to declare war on the Recon Federation due to them being “bullied hard”. With both armies having no land on any league’s map, what will this war be like?

The Templars and the Recon Federation, who are former allies, have seen tensions rise against each other following accusations being raised against RFCP’s former leader, Prior Bumble. In the past few weeks, the two peas in a pod, Shalissa and SupremeP0wer, have been seen leaving and returning the staff team at the Recon Federation. Going from army-less to being in the Tamales briefly, the couple finally made their way to the Templars, where are they are currently enlisted under.

In a post made by SupremeP0wer, he highlights numerous different situations that ultimately led to both his and Shallissa’s move out of the Recon Federation. Following their final leave from the army, they fled to the Templars, where Shallissa joined as a new member of the leadership, while SupremeP0wer joined as a Fourth in Command.

Less than an hour ago, one of the leaders of the Templars, Chainpro, made a post declaring war on the Recon Federation. The post, titled, ‘The 5th Holy War’, has Chainpro going into numerous accusations against Prior Bumble, to the point of calling the former leader a “dangerous, manipulative bully”. The Templars accused Prior Bumble of bullying their former staff members, which allegedly involved making jokes regarding suicide. To continue, the post states that they are declaring war in order to stand up to the alleged bullying that Shallisa and SupremeP0wer endured the past few weeks:

Beginning of War Declaration.

In order to learn more, the CP Army Hub approached one of the Templars’ leaders, Shallissa, to hear her thoughts regarding the declaration of war:

As stated in our war declaration post: The Templar’s stand up against bullying, especially towards our own members. We have seen unmoderated messages from the RFCP server, where their members and server visitors were allowed to bully me, SupremeP0wer, and countless other former RFCP members. SupremeP0wer’s exposé articles about Prior Bumble show him bullying me personally, as well as revealing several other toxic behaviors. Prior Bumble has stated many times that he is RFCP. Prior Bumble is a bully and enables bullying, therefore RFCP is a bully. That’s why we declared war. My hope for this war is to show RFCP that their toxic actions have consequences. I also hope to see Templar’s sizes rise in excitement for war. Prior Bumble may have retired, but the high command and army he left behind is full of the toxicity that he created. As long as RFCP stands, Prior Bumble stands. Therefore we intend to bring RFCP down.

However, Prior Bumble retired not too long ago, which resulted in his legend status being removed. Following his retirement, he allegedly left the Recon Federation server and is not active within the army. In addition to this, neither army is currently holding land on any league map, which means that either army has nothing to lose during this war.

The war terms are certainly odd as battles are only allowed to be held between the hours of 7:59 PM EST – 8 PM EST. In addition to this, the Templars listed that all peace treaties must be taken to Chainpro:

War terms listed by Templars.

Furthermore, the Templars have already announced the first battle of the war, which will be held on Sunday, September 26th at 8 PM EST. In order to learn more, the CP Army Hub approached one of the Recon Federation’s higher-command, Anilia, to hear her thoughts on this declaration of war:

The HICOM of RFCP do not agree with the words said about Sha and Supreme said in our server. We were completely unaware of the comments made in TCP and therefore were unable to act on them. This member is not apart of the RFCP nor represent the RFCP. Further actions and plans on what to do will be discussed once Commander Coolj has read the news upon this declaration of war.

This declaration of war is something that the Templars can say is long overdue, as many of these accusations have been building up for quite some time. Nevertheless, this war is something that is rarely seen as neither army is currently holding land that is recognized by a league. How will this lack of territory determine the outcome of this war? Moreover, how will this affect the future reputation of the new Recon Federation’s commander, Coolj?

What do YOU think? Who will be victorious in this war? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below.


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

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